Spitballs can get you jailed

Spitball Felon, 13, Avoids 8-Year Jail Sentence

There’s another Pit topic about miscreants (assumed to be teenaged, but not confirmed) who will most certainly not be sufficiently punished for the extent of their crime, especially if they are considered youthful offenders. Obligatory Link

I’d like to follow that up with a case of overreacting. Now, I’ve never done anything to anyone which had such potentially fatal consequences as dropping a boulder off a highway, but I’ve blown spitballs, thrown snowballs, and other less-than-100% safe pursuits. Are these things children should be locked up for? Or even sent to anger management classes?

As an adult, I look out over results like this one and wonder, “What the hell has happened to soceity?” We’re convicting children of shooting spitballs, suspending them for cough drops or doodling pictures of teachers, while simultaneously releasing a man who kept a ten-year old as a sexual slave after only 8 years of imprisonment?! (I’m having trouble accessing www.newsday.com to provide a link. Sorry). Am I the only one who thinks that our sentencing guidelines need an overhaul. (Yes, I understand that different states were involved, inviting an apples to oranges comparison, but work with me.)

People, including young teenagers, who would do something like throw a boulder into oncoming traffic should be shown absolutely no mercy. However, the line should be drawn bethween that behavior and blowing spitballs into a crowd. Common sense anyone?

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