Spitfire Beer- Good God People!

If the British drank this they deserved to win the Battle of Britain.

I had to have three pints of Heineken to remove the taste from my mouth.

Don’t drink it if you don’t like it. More for me. That and Bishop’s Finger.


If you like that stuff, I can only guess where the Bishop’s Finger has been.

There, there. Not everyone has a balanced, discriminating palate. You enjoy your Heineken and leave the Kentish ale for those of us with drinking experience.

ETA Ooooops. Cicero. Czarcasm. Both begin with ‘C’. Yeah, there’s the confusion…

ETA again to say well maybe not so much ooops if he’s gonna pick on them brews as well.

Well, at least it’s not me this time.

Oh an’ besides, you Aussies ain’t got much room to complain as long as you continue to inflict Foster’s upon the world.

Heh- I knew there would be defenders :slight_smile:

I didn’t say I enjoyed the Heineken- okay- I did. I prefer the lighter lagers. And the young lady who served us, she explained it was her first night on the job. She had to get help pumping the stuff.

Question- is it meant to be consumed at room temperature? Or was it just this pub did not chill it enough?

Oh- please don’t think all our beers are like Fosters. Some are far worse.

(My favourite tipple is XXXX anyway so draw your own conclusions). However, it is better discussing beer than religion or politics. No one cares much if the other posters say yours stink.

And of course MT Cicero and there was the other poster- the kiddy diddler- how soon we forget…

I enjoy it at room temperature or slightly below. Kentish ales are strong, flavorful stuff, and definitely can constitute a nasty shock to the light lager drinker at any temperature.

Well played. (Even though I don’t think that.)

Queenslander, eh?

'S truth. There’s so much out there to drink and enjoy, why waste time trying to convince someone to drink something they don’t like? As stated earlier, more for the defenders.

My laptop battery is about to die, so I’ll probably check in tomorrow.

Never, ever bad-mouth the Bishop’s Finger! I am so pissed they don’t import the stuff to the states any more. Kentish ale is heavenly.

I will say in my defense that the confusion stems partially from the glass of 7.2% Småland currently next to the keyboard.

:eek: WHAT?! My God… we have it in spades over here in Stockholm!

It’s an ale. It’s not meant to be served cold.

I’m not convinced it is meant to be served to humans.

It’s not meant to be served chilled, but cellar temp should be well below normal modern room temp (serving at about 12-14 degrees is recommended).

Bishop’s Finger ads.

Madam! :eek:

Hehe, I work around the corner from the Spitfire bar. But I must say that if you prefer the watered down Heineken you get here to Spitfire that your case is already lost.

ETA, Sorry, I apparently confused you with Cicero. Blame it on the time of the day.

Clearly people have been enjoying their brew of choice while typing in this thread. Not a bad thing, overall. Just as long as we’re able to tell the players without a scorecard.

I like Spitfire, in general, but it doesn’t always travel well, so it is possible that Cicero (did I get the right person) does in fact have good taste but was unlucky. However, as he has confessed that his favourite drink is XXXX since the OP, you would have to be quite charitable to assume the former position :).

I almost always prefer draft ales to bottled ales (far from uniquely, I’m sure), but Bishop’s Finger is certainly among the best of the latter. My absolute favourite (that I have so far discovered) is Badger Golden Glory - strong and fruity, just the way I like 'em!