I Pit the new "frost brewed Coors Light" temperature indicator

According to the new TV ad, the beer has two strips on the label, which turn blue at “cold” and “super cold”, respectively. Who the fuck can’t tell whether a fucking beer is cold by picking it up in their hand?

The only thing I can think of is that they have a significant portion of their consumers that are limbless veterans who tire of picking up the bottle with their prosthetic hand and pressing it to their cheeks to determine if it’s cold enough to drink.

Remember the tagline they had which was “Taste the Cold” (assuming they’re not still using it?) It was apt because that’s all Coors Light has going for it. If it isn’t cold, don’t bother drinking it.

The blue is pretty lame as well. If I want my beer “super cold”, shouldn’t the blue be neon or something?

I think David Cross already covered this one.

welp, that wraps up this thread. A faux-hipster already talked about it. lock it up.

I think the only known litmus test for being a faux-hipster is using the phrase faux-hipster.

That said, it would be a challenge to get any more stupid than Coors… the brand that brought us “Artic[sic] Ice.”

shit, if I had known that’s all it takes, I would have done that years ago. way before anyone else heard about it.

I guess this should be an embarrassing confession, but if this worked and I drank Coors Light, I’d find this a useful feature. AMy hands are miscalibrated when it comes to judging temperature; back when I drank soda, I’d often pull out a can that felt icy cold only to discover that the liquid within was a touch under lukewarm. Coors must think there’s money to be made from freaks of nature like me.

That was a Fünked up thing to say.

People whose tastebuds have been replaced with balsa wood? :smiley:

I was “weaned” in my beer drinking days on Coors (regular); when they came out with Coors Light I gagged.

When I moved to the East Coast, all they every offered of the Coors family was the “Silver Bullet”. That’s when I moved on to more flavorful beers.

Now, even regular Coors tastes like a typically piss-poor American attempt at beer. A good American brewer that puts out a great array of flavorful beers is Shiner (from Texas).

wow, self-hating American and American Exceptionalist in the same post.

“Coors Light” is the ultimate example of redundancy.

It’s beer for people that don’t like beer.

The quality of a beer is inversely proportional to how much the marketing talks about the can.

Who the hell drinks beer from a can, anyway? Do people actually enjoy the taste of aluminum?

There are some pretty good can linings these days that prevent the tinny taste, and some decent beers that come in cans. Coors is not one of them, though.

I live at the beach, and I am not going to take a damn glass bottle out there.

Beer from a can tastes better than beer from a bottle. Bottles allow light through and this affects the taste of the beer. What is a keg? Just a giant can. The solution to the bad taste of the aluminum can is simply to pour the beer into a glass.

Coors has been doing this for several years… maybe it’s a strip now according to the OP, but I know it where the mountains on the can/bottle label turn from silver to blue.

My, my this is a snobby thread. People drink Coors because it’s cheaper than a lot of other stuff. And sometimes you just want to drink for the alcohol. And complaining about beer in cans? What is this, the seventies? You drink your skunky Coronas.

I don’t drink beer, but I do want to mention that, if you are tasting the aluminum of the can, it’s has to do with how you are drinking it. It is possible to drink from a can without your tongue ever touching the can. I do it all the time with soda.