SPL season starting. Where are my doper celtic fans?

So Scottish Premier League soccer starts this weekend. Are there any other Celtic fans out there? What do you think of the team this season? They’ve played great in preseason(god I love Celtic Replay), with the exception of the embarrassing 4-0 result against Man United. obviously they’ll be right at the top of the SPL(hardly a paragon of parity when it comes to Celtic and Rangers), but are we good enough to make an impact on the continent this year? Will we build of the UEFA cup final apperance?

you’ll never walk alone…

Season book holder here.

Erm, they’re exactly the same as the team last season. This (lack of signings) is not a good thing.

Not so embarrassing after Man U went on to thump Juve. Clearly, they are a far, far stronger team than us - there’s no shame in that.

Doubtful. We had an exceptional run last year, but without a serious strengthening of the squad it just isn’t going to happen again.

I’m encouraged by some of the young players this year (Liam Miller in particular looks the business), and by the fact that MON appears to be more willing to adjust the formation as necessary, and I think we have an excellent chance of winning the league title back - Rangers are still very weak and overreliant on Stefan Klos - but I think it will take a lucky draw for us to get out of the group stages in the CL this year.

Depressed by todays result. We have no depth in our squad.

Hopefully we can get it together and quickly.