Split Ends

What causes split ends and how can I prevent them. I have long hair… down to the middle of my back… and I have long layers so my hair doesn’t look flat on top. I just had my hair cut 2 months ago and it’s already grown about 1 inch and I have a ton of split ends!!

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Wow! A Split Enz joke from a non-Kiwi! I’m impressed!

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Youre supposed to put conditioner on the tips of the hair…

Infusium leave-in treatment on the ends of the hair worked for me…

Remember, that long hair is in geezerhood stage, as far as hair goes. You need to treat it gently, condition it always with a GOOD conditioner (Biolage Deep conditioning works for me, also), and keep blowdrying to a minimum.

Be kind, moisturize it since the natural scalp oils won’t reach down that far (unless you don’t wash your hair often… eww), and don’t brush it while it’s wet. And get trims regularly, to keep the ends “new”, every 4-6 weeks.