splitting up GQ

This may be a stupid suggestion, but…

Is there any reason not to make the number of threads that show up on the first page larger? If the problem is that they roll off the bottom too quickly, it seems like the quickest and most direct solution.

That said, I would also support splitting into Questions of Fact / Advice. And I would read Advice, and offer answers as appropriate.

The main one would be that some people are still on modems. The front page of GQ is currently 60k in size, which takes around 10 seconds to display even on a 56K modem. Slower modems would of course be slower. The size of the page is proportional to the number of threads, so adding more would also make it slower.

Plus it would make the server suck even more.

There are already two “Advice” forums: MPSIMS and IMHO. The idea that you could post a computer tech help thread in either forum and not get a bunch of helpful answers by close of business is laughable. The same goes for any other questions which fall within the scope of the proposed “Advice” forum. The SDMB does not need more forums. There is nothing that one may post that is not covered by those already extant.

If there’s a problem with dreck in GQ, the solution, to my mind, is to re-write the forum descriptions. It may be as simple as saying the same thing with different words. Instead of “Got a question for the Teeming Millions…” in the GQ forum description, perhaps Cecil should be invoked earlier in the sentence, like, “Cecil only writes one column a week (and you should be thankful for that much). Perhaps the Teeming Millions have the answer…” or whatever. Then perhaps add some kind of “Need advice?” aspect to the description of IMHO.

I think it would be far less disruptive, both in terms of the whole “community” thing a lot of us are so keen on, and simply logistically, to refine what’s already in place rather than subdividing further.