Spoil Average Joe for me

The title says it all.

A friend of mine is one of the contestants, and it premiered tonight on NBC.

I meant to tape it but forgot.

So, did anyone watch it? Who was eliminated?


Pre-empted by Dubya.

It was pre-empted? I thought it was just pushed back an hour.


Nope, 9:00 was the Hiltons.

twicks, who can no longer feign a merely anthropological interest in this programming

It was still pushed back. It came at at 10. I know this, because NBC deicded it was better than Law and Order: SVU. I guarentee SVU would have gotten higher ratings, since at the very least, it would have been on during it’s normal time, and apparantly no one bothered to tell Average Joe fans it was pushed to ten. Hell, even my on screen guide said is was suppossed to be L&O.

Ah, phooey. I switched over to PBS at ten. Bad move, NBC.

There’s a recap on the NBC site.

The first guys eliminated were Aaron F., Bill, Damian, Harold, Matt and Nick.

Nick was chosen for a makeover and he’ll be back next week. He didn’t need a makeover, except to reshape some scary eyebrows, and someone to tell him that doing magic tricks all the time is boring.

A couple of the guys – Dante Alghire (I kid you not) and the construction worker with the pony tail – are on the scary side of average, but they weren’t cut.

I think she didn’t want to cut the obvious ones right away, just to show that she’s not all about looks. Or the producers ask her to keep them around for entertainment.

West coast folks saw it at the normal time. The girl seems very but I have a thing for redheads and I even didn’t think she was all that hot.
She seemed like a good sport about it. I think either the producers had her keep the weird ones or she is actually into the spirit of the thing.

I really loved Jesus’ hillbilly dance off the bus.

Joshua is the Jesus-Dancing-Hillybilly-Freak. However, if you got rid of some of his Jesus-ness and got him to stop doing socially inappropriate things, I’m willing to bet he’s quite good looking – nice eyes, good facial structure. I predict he gets made over soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dancing-freak thing is an act.

Josh looks like a total ringer to me. Give him a good haircut, good clothes & contacts & he could just about be a male model. Anybody else question why he’s there on the side of the Joes?