Average Joe 2/23 (spoilers please)

I’ve been watching this all along, more or less – as in, I’m watching but not invested. I missed the last half hour last night (friend in relationship freakout, so I actually turned off the TV, didn’t just mute it). What happened? I saw it through the part where they put Friedo in the sub to watch them making out on the beach (which is some sick shit that required mucho advance planning, but I digress). What happened after that? Was there any kind of confrontation later? Does she know they were being spied on? Who got sent home? Etc.


Friedo bolted. He left the afternoon before the elimination ceremony without telling her, but left a polite note for the girl. She read it in voice over and commented that she was going to eliminate him anyway. There was no indication that she nor any of the guys knew that he spied on them with the submarine.

Friedo was a creep. Did it strike anyone else as hypocritical that he was getting mad at the girl for liking the hot guy when the ONLY reason he likes her is because she’s hot? What a double standard.

They started to go to the hometowns of the remaining 3 guys. Last night was the dark-haired bo-hunk in Arizona. Basically she saw his apartment (very bachelor - massive TV, Xbox, crappy old furniture, no decoration except his framed picture of his job at Chilis, and the dog in the cage in the bedroom), and did a couple of arranged activities. Oddly enough, they didn’t go for a flight, him being a flight instructor and all. :rolleyes: Well edited to show his personality of a coffee cup. They then went to the final elimination and she sent him on the bus.

Next week is the final episode and will visit the other 2 guys hometowns and the final elimination. It appears that Brian says those 3 words he’s never said to anyone and that the blonde bo-hunk is still stand-offish. Apparently she has some secret that she appears to be ashamed of that she must reveal to everyone (bankrupt or divorced or dirt-poor?)

I suspect that the editing all leads to the heartbreak of Brian as she chooses the guy that she really shouldn’t.
I have to say that I thought that first it was a chance for a geek, er, Joe to strut his stuff and succeed in getting the girl, but it is more and more an elaborate ruse developed by the jocks to wedgie the nerds again. Given the detonator/explosive and now the submarine stunt the producers are stepping all over the guys that already have confidence problems. It was refreshing to see that the bo-hunks didn’t need any help shooting themselves in the foot. Also it seems that in the end, the bo-hunks were a lot more average than the Joes. I would be interested to see a follow-up with some of the guys and their take on the presentation of what they went through.

She’s fucked. She’s already said that the blonde stud who is left is cold and distant. I think it’s doubtful that she is serious about Brian and I think it’s cruel to set him up for such a huge let-down.

That guy she booted last night was hilarious: “Alot of people think I’m just good-looking and stupid but I’m really alot more.” Goodlooking,stupid, and … He is the most hideous Ken-doll facsimile of a man I’ve seen in a while. The only “stud” I half-way liked was Mike Cardamone.

Thanks for the updates, all.

So – no chance at all she’s going to pick Brian? :frowning: I like Brian. I don’t have the hots for Brian, but I do like him. Poor guy.

He probably has a liscense to fly a Cessna or something. My brother got one a few months after high school. Not the hardest thing to do in the world. I also remember this deal where if you gave somebody $20, they would take you up and you could doodle around for a few minutes in the air. Maybe that’s what he did and now considers himself a flight instructor.

I actually feel sorry for this guy, he lives like he’s 19 and at points seemed a little embarassed about himself. I didn’t see all the episodes, but he didn’t seem like a jerk.

I think what got Friedo upset, not that she liked the other guys, that is part of the show. But he just discovered that the average guys are getting little more than pecks on the cheek from her while she is all over the hunks. He thought she was being fairly restrained with all of them.

I can understand Friedo being upset- as stated he thought they were going to ‘take it slow’, build a solid foundation, &c, and here she is being groped and groping the dim bulb. I give him credit for leaving.

Oh, regarding dim bulb’s apartment- don’t forget he had a blow up doll as decor in the kitchen. Notice how there weren’t any sheets on the bed (euw)? Also, when asked if he had a roommate he said “… uhh…yeah…” and that was it. You could SEE the air moving between his ears.

I also like Robert. He is unbelievably tenacious. His accent drives me nuts though. (we like our 'R’s in the Midwest).

Surely he understands how attraction works? I just think it’s funny that the hot girl is supposed to like the “average joe” or she’s deemed shallow, but the only reason any of these guys like her is because she’s hot.

Anyway, it looks like she’s been making out with the last “joe” who has made it to the final two.

No. Unless he’s outright being fraudulent, there are strict FAA certification procedures for becoming a flight instructor. You first have to get a commercial pilot certificate, which requires at least 250 hours of logged flight time, and then you have to go through additional training, testing, FAA check-rides, etc…

And, incidentally, Friedo’s comment about “What kind of a pilot works at Chili’s?” is way off the mark. Flight instructors make crappy wages. And, during the regular work week (especially during the winter months) it’s hard to find student pilots to whom you can sell your flight training skills. It is not at all uncommon for flight instructors to supplement their income by taking odd jobs. A lot of folks in the flight instructor biz are doing it because they want to rack up enough flight hours to get an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and, hopefully, be hired by an airline company.

Well … sorta.

Every time she’s kissed the last “Joe,” she was rather tight-lipped. She was playing tonsil-hockey with mister dark-haired-hunk-from-Arizona.

Yeah, well, I wouldn’t want to kiss that guy either. She probably feels like she has to.

I’m sure he does, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt like hell for him to see her all over the other guy. Now realising that her level of attraction for him is nowhere near the same as for the other guy.

I think anybody who participates on a show like this is shallow. Not that there’s really anything wrong with that, lots of us are.

And tracer, I bow to your superior knowledge.

I like Brian too! I think he’s very cute! I think she’ll pick Brian, because he cleans up well! I love his new haircut. Anyone remember his original haircut? Oh my god! It was like he ran over a rat and stuck it on his head!

And if she doesn’t pick Brian; Hey! It means he’s available for me! :smiley:

Another thing I noticed during this episode’s flashbacks:

One of the hunky guys said that, when he and his studly buddies arrived, he felt like they were the calvary riding to her rescue.

I’m sure he meant “cavalry”, but I’m not sure if he knew what the difference was. :wink:

Just to correct the record, the voice-over for the Dear Jane letter was Friedo.

And also FYI, he didn’t actually write that letter, the producers did. He said on the Today show that if they’d have used the letter he wanted to write, they’d’ve had to bleep out too many expletives, and this is NBC, afterall, not Fox. Bwah!

Ok, I missed last week’s episode too, for some reason. No one is mentioning this “secret” that Larissa told the guys last week…

They mentioned it in the recap, but they don’t say what the secret was. Can someone please tell me?

Wait, maybe I have had a few too many drinks…Now it seems they are saying that they are about to tell about her “secret”…not that they have already.

Anybody want to guess what it is before she reveals it?

She has a kid?
She’s a felon?

I just can’t imagine what this secret could possibly be.

~laughs hysterically~

Ok…I found out the secret, and for any of you who might be on the edge of your chairs…(how do I do the spoiler box???)

The secret is that her ex-boyfriend is Fabio. No, seriously…Fabio. Even more bizarre…Gil, the guy she chose, broke up with her on the spot.

Maybe he’d rather that she had been a felon, no?