Spoil Cold Case 10/11 for me (spoilers)

I’m coming out of the closet and announcing proudly that I watch this show when I can catch it. Last night was the story of a young “Rosie the Riveter” who was murdered in 1943. At 8:30 (ET) I began switching back and forth to the Redskins game – I’d watch the snap and play and flip back to Cold Case. So I missed a lot of the end.

I saw that

The women’s husband was the killer

What I missed was

Why the factory owner sitting there watching the murder never turned him in for murder.

Was that ever explained?


The husband gave the factory owner all his war bonds to keep him from talking.

And I totally would have missed it last night if the football game hadn’t run late. :slight_smile:

jimmmy, welcome to our cult of blood!

::stands up:: My name is Draelin, and I’m a CBS Investigation Drama whore. ::hangs head, sits down::

::chorus:: Hi, Draelin!

I just wrote my first Cold Case fan fiction last night (while watching Cold Case :smack: ). So you are above me in the geek hierarchy. Let that comfort you in this time of shame.

And while the thread is open, Scotty’s girlfriend saga annoys the crap out of me. They should have left it at “There’s a giant behind you.” Grrrr. I did like the sepia tone of the flashbacks, though, and the song finale, spot on, in my opinion.

I missed most of the end of last season, but I vaguely remember the introduction of Crazy Significant Other. I heard the mention of it last night, and decided I didn’t care enough. I’m there for the investigation, as far as I’m concerned, these people don’t need real lives.

But amen on the song finale from last night–perfect. I often find the ending of CC to be the most satisfying part of the show, watching all the faces go back and forth and the victim usually nodding or smiling at Lily. I’m not ashamed to admit that the handcuffed-walk-to-the-car has made me cry on more than one occasion.

But then again, I cry at Oreo commercials, sometimes.

That’s the whole reason I watch. :smiley: I get cleansed every Sunday night, and am ready to face the week.