Spoil "Eye of God" for me [Open spoilers!]

I’ve heard good things about this movie but haven’t seen it around, and given my life these days will probably never have time to actually watch it. What’s it about? How’s it end? Wow or meh?

Eye of God with Martha Plimpton? Great movie. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, so I’ll leave a lot out of my summary. First, let me tell you that the stories are told out of order, so the movie is confusing and somewhat disorienting. It’s the story of a woman who somehow becomes involved with a convict who seems to good to be true. Guess what? He is. He turns out to be a controlling asshole, and Martha becomes increasingly unhappy. There’s also an overlapping story of a mysteriously mute kid who won’t tell what happened to him. As the movie unfolds, it is revealed that Martha Plimpton’s character and the mute kid crossed paths at some point, and their stories have a lot to do with each other.
After a lot of painful revelations about their lives, it is eventually revealed that the two met, hit it off, and confided in each other. Martha’s crazy husband discovers her with a teenaged boy, freaks out, and kills her. The boy survives, and goes into shock over what happened. This causes his muteness.

Thanks, Alias. Very helpful.

I read an article once that alluded to the ending… something about how the Martha P. character knows she’s going to be killed, and just sits there, stoically, IIRC. Is that so? Why not try to save herself?

I don’t remember exactly, but I think she just realizes that fighting against him won’t be any use. He’s too overbearing, too big, and too angry. She just kind of gives up if I remember correctly. You should watch it. Good movie.