Spoil last night's Queer as Folk for me

I wasn’t able to catch last night’s episode of Queer as Folk. From the previews last week, it looked like Justin was going to leave Brian, Ted was going to keep seeing Troy, and Linsday moved back in with her parents.

Please spoil with as many details as possible. Is Hunter seen in this episode? Anything happen with Melanie and Lindsay?

I believe the Sunday episode is repeated again a couple of times during the week, and I am sure it is repeated next Saturday.

I haven’t seen the episode yet (it is on my DVR), otherwise I would be glad to spill the beans.

Justin left Brian and went to stay with Michael and Ben. Brian turned up drunk and told Michael that he’d ‘infected’ Justin with their set-up there and Michael finally stood up for himself and told Brian exactly where to get off. I was so proud of him! Brian threw the new hot guy out of Babylon and banned him for getting a bj on the dancefloor. The hot guy confronted him later and they made a bet as to who would be the first to sleep with the 10 hottest guys and if hot guy won he’d be let back into Babylon and if Brian won, he’d be let into hot guy!

Lindsey’s mom tried to set her up with someone who worked with her dad. When Lindsey confronted her, her mom told her that she thought she wasn’t a lesbian anymore coz she’d been with a man. When Lindsey told her that she would always be a lesbian and would never be the daughter that her mom wanted, she ended up moving out again and Mel offered to let her stay in the house. I really hope they get back together.

Teddy finally got up the balls to tell Troy that he had been one of his pity f*cks once and Troy actually looked pretty hurt.

No sign of Hunter unfortunately.

That’s about it…

Does anyone else think the “new hot guy” isn’t all that hot?

I want to see Melanie and Lindsay back together too. When they split, I assumed they would get back together, if for no other reason than there are only other lesbians in Pittsburg when they’re needed as a backdrop. I thought the legal battle would have done them in for good, but they seem to be getting over that really quickly.