Spoil the novel Quick Change for me

I love the Bill Murray movie Quick Change: it’s one of my favorite comedies.
Until recently, I didn’t realize it was the second film from the novel by Jay Cronley.
Someone mentioned that the novel (which I haven’t read) has a different ending and I was curious as to what the ending is. While I love comedy movies, I am not much into comedic novels, so I’d rather not read it to find out.
Could someone tell me how the novel’s ending differed from the movie’s?


One more bump to see if anyone has read this book…

They got onto the plane, but a crew member noticed their haul and helped herself.

I read it years ago, though.

We loved the movie, so we had to get the book.

Review: The book sucks. Poorly written, not funny. I don’t even know if we read all the way to the end. The screenwriters should get some kind of Oscar for turning that turd into such an excellent movie.