The Quick Change appreciation thread

Any love for this movie? I don’t think it did well in theatres, it was out of print for a really long time, and yet it’s one of the best comedies I have ever seen.

Not only was it a great vehicle for Murray, Davis, Robards, and Quaid, but there are little known performances by Tony Shaloub and Stanley Tucci. What’s not to love?

“Bluftoni! Bluftoni! Honk honk.”

Don’t forget Bob of Bob and Ray! “What kind of clown are you?”

I love that movie!

“The cryin’ on the inside kind, I guess.” :slight_smile:

I think my favorite dialog is:

“Is that our plane?”

“No, if it were our plane, it’d be crashing.”

Quick Change is an awesome movie. The bank guard’s take on how the robbery went down is hillarious. Plus there’s Kurtwood Smith calling Bill Murray a straphanger. Good stuff.

I saw this movie on video when I was overseas and then on the airplane back to the US. For the version on the airplane, they replaced all the F words with “viking.” It’s pretty funny to see a tough mobster telling the other gangster to “Open the viking door.”

Up your butt with a coconut.

Seriously, I’m prepared to do it.

What I don’t get is why this movie was out of print for so long. I first encountered it when I worked at a video store in the early 90s. We had one copy on VHS, it was damaged, and we couldn’t get another copy. Many years later I complained of this to a GF, and she managed to find a used copy on eBay or something like that. I still have it.

But now you can get it on Netflix.

Except I saw no coconut. He, uh, he had no coconut to my knowledge.

Oh Lord, this one’s in our top five. We’re constantly quoting it at each other.

They ALL cold-cocked me!
<Korean cashier on phone> There’s a DEAD MAN!!! <to customer> $38.82.
<anytime we see Kurtwood Smith in something> It’s the KING!
<when we get in the car> Wthethere to?
<when we drive past> The goddamn AIR-PORT!!
Flores para los muertos. Los muertos! Los MUERTOS!!!
Oh sir, you forgot your map! And our million dollars!

I’d better stop, I’m supposed to be meeting someone.

By the, if any of you fans ever want to track down the book this was based on, don’t bother. We did, and it was awful. Mad props to the screenwriter for turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

Yeah, but do you ever say “You people can keep this city!”?

Great movie that no one has seen. Whenever I have reason to think of Randy Quaid’s recent troubles, I think of this movie.

I like the way you’re really glad when

their plane finally takes off, and Jason Robards has a lightbulb moment, but it’s too late! The fact that they are the “bad guys,” but that you’re happy for them when they succeed.

Another one who loves this movie. Just like Reservoir Dogs where the aftermath of the robbery is the movie, the getaway is about 3/4 of this movie.

I love the bus driver who MUST stay on schedule.

Quaid in the safe is also pretty hilarious.

But that’s not to say that the robbery isn’t also brilliant.

“I can see from here it doesn’t have a hydraulic tilt body. It’s unacceptable.”

“You’re Ralph Cramden’s evil twin!”

*Nude *women! *Nude *women . . .
*Clowns *welcome, *clowns *welcome!

I haven’t seen this movie in years! Thank you for reminding me of it. Going to put it in my netflix cue right now…

“I’m going to Fiji, with a million bucks taped to my butt!!!”

I think I am one of very few who can honestly say they saw it in the theater when it was orginally released. I can’t remember exactly why but I think Ebert or someone like him gave it a good review. Loved it then and still love it today.

BTW - the Bus Driver was the wonderful actor Phillip Bosco. And don’t forget Phil Hartman’s memorable cameo.

[quote=“Scarlett67, post:8, topic:542306”]

Flores para los muertos. Los muertos! Los MUERTOS!!!

This scene and the scene of the guys “jousting” with broomsticks are the best “trapped in a nightmare” scenes ever !

“God I hate this town !”

Yup . . . I did say I wasn’t finished! :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’d you get this, off a matchbook? It’s perfect if you want to pick up Paul Bunyan!
Behind the white line!!
If only we could find a LANDMARK . . .
It has a moon on it . . .
Average height, average build, red nose, blue hair . . .

I should also mention that we named a litter of male kittens Grimmy, Loomis, and Phil. (Hey, we didn’t have a female, and this was right after Phil Hartman was killed. We had to wait till our next springer puppy came along, and we named her Miss Phyllis Potter.)

I’m Phyllis Potter, and this is my apartment!

I really loved this film when I first saw it, and have seen it a couple of times since, probably on cable TV. One question, not exactly on topic: this and other films, that I’d kind of like my kids to see, are rated R. I am often surprised to learn this about some films (I think The Breakfast Club was another) that I don’t recall being R rated. Is this because of the change in the ratings from G, PG, R to G, PG, PG-13, R (never remember which is “worse”)? What was in this that gave it an R rating? Is the language, etc, any worse than an episode of anything on Fox?

You only get one “fuck” in PG-13, so based on the post upthread goofing on all the "fucking"s being replaced with "viking"s, it got rated R for language.

My first marriage must’ve been rated PG-13, then.