[SPOILER] And the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Guest Star boldly goes to...

…William Shatner. The mind boggles.


Dang. I miss everything on TV these days.

In all honesty, his Denny Craig routine on The Practice was hilarious, but it would have been nice to see Bob Newhart (who’s never won an Emmy) take it home for his ER stint. Sharon Stone also won for her Practice guest appearance. Now, James Spader needs to win for his fantastic Alan Shore.

Some other winners of the Craft/Technical awards announced:

Star Trek: Enterprise: Musical score (Similitude episode), Visual Effects (Countdown episode)
Carnivale: Cinematography, Art Direction, Costumes, Hairstyling, Title Design
24: Casting, Editing, Sound Mixing, Stunt Coordination
Angels in America: Art Direction, Casting, Make-up, Sound Mixing
Monk: Randy Newman’s new theme song (the previous instrumental title music also won an Emmy). John Turturro also won an Emmy for his guest stint as Monk’s brother.
Arrested Development: Casting, Editing
Frasier: Art Direction, Sound Mixing, Guest Actress: Laura Linney
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Reality Program (non-competitive)
Samurai Jack: Animated program (beating The Simpsons, though Dan Castellaneta won a voice-over award)
Deadwood: Sound Editing

When were the Emmys?

Man, I feel out of touch.

It was taped Sunday and will air this Saturday on E! so you’ve not missed anything.

Actually, these are the Emmys that are always announced earlier. The main Emmy awards (Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Lead Actor, etc.) that are broadcast are this Sunday, 9/19.