Spoiler Boxes

I did a search on this but didn’t come up with anything. How do you do this? I thought it was the PHP box but that didn’t work?

{spoiler} Text goes here {/spoiler}

Except use the brackets instead of {}.

Like this


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For the really technical questions, email Arnold every hour on the hour for two days straight. That’s the best way to get a response from him. And make sure your subject line reads something like, “From SDMB, I’m a troll!”

I’ll make sure to remember that good advice there dantheman :smiley:

You mean like this?



I am way too lazy for that.

Information requested, information provided.

It’s quicker to type than a whole sentence explaining that { } doesn’t really mean { }, but rather .

Hmmm, lemme check here…

Yep, still too lazy. Not to type, but to look up the coding for the brackets.