<Spoiler> Brazil v. Germany <Spoiler>

Board ate another one

It’s amazing! Germany has beaten Brazil, 2-1.
Okay, just kidding. Still 7 hours to go.

I’m gonna bump this one since I’m the first one awake. It is 5:30 in the morning. This is going to be a tense game. Viva Brasil.

55 minutes to go. At least I get to see it at it’s intended hour of 8:oo pm local time. One of the few times I am enjoying living on the right side of the world for a change. :slight_smile:

8:00 ! not 8:0

I was a bit surprised it was 5:30am as well.

I’m hoping for a very open and skilful game. Prediction 3 - 1 to Brazil. Pleaseeeeee.

Well, perhaps I should post again what I tried to post last night. Gotta love this server…
what I said was:
It’s 8 hours to go, so time to open the official thread! So excited, can’t hardly wait for the game! One of the most anticipated games ever, between the arguably two best over time teams in the world (based on most consistently good results last 50 years). Samba vs. Snora, flair vs. discipline, Ronaldo vs. Kahn (admit it, at least a little part of you wants to see them go one-on-one).
I’m not giving up on my earlier Brazil 2:0 Germany prediction. But mostly I hope that it is a game that is really worth watching. Please please please please please!!!

T-minus seven minutes. Don’t expect intelligent commentary from this American, but dammit, this Cup has hooked me.

I want to make a prediction here, but I can’t. We have an unstopable force against an immovable object. 3-1 Brazil? 1-0 Germany? I don’t know. I do know, however, that it should be interesting.

I’ll make a prediction of 2-0 Germany. I really don’t know a damn thing about soccer, but I think Germanys goalie will shut out Brazil until they make a fatal mistake, then Germany will score one more towards the end when Brazil gets desparate.

May the best team win! I’m off to the telly.

Me, too.

But someone has to say this…

He’s still a scary looking guy.

He is a German.

Still 0-0. It’s a kick and rush game, I would rather see passing game.

Dammit, Jon. I wanted to say that.

Brazil seemed to be gaining the upper hand in the last 5 minutes of half 1. Kleberson was really close!

Al DeBarge, I mean, Ronaldinho, is playing a good game, apart from that piece of theatrics 10 minutes before halftime. Good call, Colina, he wasn’t even touched.

As expected, Brazil are trying to play football, and Germany are trying to control the pace. Resulting in 4 subsequent passes to Kahn without as much as passing the half line. Feh. But what else is new?

Still could go either way, though - Germany’s much more of a collective than Brazil, and the German defense is unparalleled. Skillful, efficient. Excellent tackles, both in defense and on midfield.

OK, off to watch the second half. A little early for beer, so I’ll just pop open Dr. Pepper #2 for the day. :slight_smile:

Maybe they’re just trying to piss off the Brazilian fans? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be, could be. I’m sure it’s working, judging by the whistle concertos from the crowd. :smiley:

Oh, it’s a little early for Dr. Pepper. I’m having a second cup of French Market with Chickory coffee. Got up at 03:00 here for the 04:00 start.

it’s always too early for dr.pepper. :wink:

having a beer

It’s a little late for coffee for me, so I’m drinking Gatorade trying to stave off the impending hangover, but I can’t get hungover till I wake up, and I can’t wake up till I go to bed so there is still hope.