<Spoiler> Brazil v. Germany <Spoiler>

have a bloody mary. that helps.

injured German…

Yep. Ronaldo again. 1-0

What’s in an injured German? :slight_smile:

an Out-Kraut?

2nd for Renaldo. Germany is toast.


Well, I was rooting for Germany; but last week I told my co-workers that Brazil would win 2-1. Lookes like I missed it by one.

It’s good to see that Kahn isn’t Uebermann after all. Seemed like Brazil gained confidence off that rocket by Kleberson, then had more solid chances. Germany seemed to tire, at least mentally, and suddenly were taking more desperate shots from farther and farther out. Then they missed several solid opportunities from closer in, as if they didn’t expect it. Brazillian keeper made a couple of brilliant saves.

Overall the better side won.

Yeah, Brazil is a powerhouse. Very popular in my part of town. I didn’t think Germany would stand a chance, but I was rooting for them anyway. Probably a good thing I didn’t go to the Brazilian restaurant down the street. :wink: But I was tempted. I have a 1990 Germany World Cup T-shirt around here somewhere.

Hey, the restaurant is on the news. Maybe I should go for the party…

ABC sucks. They didn’t show the trophy presentation in favor of … paid programming for prefab patio rooms (say that five times fast).


But did anyone else find the end of the match anti-climactic. It seemed as though the crowd didn’t care one way or another. Ronaldo was on a teammate’s shoulders ala Pele, but … there was no one else around him. No throng. It seemed a bit weak.

But you have to hand it to Ronaldo. Golden Boot. Maybe the Golden Ball. Tied Pele in World Cup Goals. Especially after France, he really rose to the occasion.

that’s the feeling right now.


No ads here. Most of the team were either just running around like men possessed or were praying at the point Rolado was being carried around.

the Classic moment of the final came not on the pitch, but the BBC analysis team, featuring Gary Lineker, Ian Wright and Alan Hansen, and the genius that is Martin O’Neill.

After the match, as Brazil were parading around the pitch, the camera turns to Roque Jr., carrying the world cup.

Ian Wright : “Who is Roque Jr.? Where did he come from? What a great player”

Martin O’Neill: “He Plays in Italy”

I.W. “yeah, but for who?”

MON: “A.C. Milan.”

I.W. “yeah, but for how long?”

MON “A couple of years now”

I.W. "oh… "

Ah, Wrighty - bless him.

It was very funny before the match when they all started teasing MON about Leeds.

Well, here in Toledo, the ABC affiliate didn’t even CARRY the game. Seems that a morning commentary/interview program by a former mayor is more important. Thank goodness for CBC, which carried the BBC feed. YEAH!!!
hehehe, Brazil 2:0 Germany, just as I predicted, pretty much the way I predicted. But man, if Neuville was just a HAIR better with his rocket, what a difference it could have made!

Brazil were very good this tournament. Maybe now we’ll see some more teams give up on the Italian/German start at the back and favor defense to offense strategies. Between Korea and Brazil, not to mention the very impressive Turks, it seems clear that soccer that attacks first, defends second has the better chance.

And maybe, just maybe, after seeing the final result, we should let England off the hook a bit…


I just got off the phone with my dad who lives in Rio. I could hear the drums in the background. He said that the streets have been closed off by people celebrating. It’s one big party. :smiley: :smiley:

I watched the coverage on Univision which is going on until about 3:00 pm here in Washington. ABC cut to the Hour of Power at 9:00am. :mad:

I’m off to enjoy the day. I’ll be the big guy in a Brasil shirt with a big smile plastered to my face.

viva brasil

Heard that too, Twisty. BBC needs to bring back Gullit, dammit! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the better team won. I feel bad for Kahn, though. Great tournament, and the best goalie in the world. What a terrible moment to make your one fuck-up! I’m sure David Seaman (dribbling outside of the box) can commiserate.

And what’s with all these Dutchmen crying over a Germany loss?? :slight_smile:

Oh, and felicidados, brujo! Or however the hell you guys spell that. :slight_smile:

The second goal was the first time I’ve seen Rivaldo being unselfish. Great game for a final. Very well refereed.