Spongebob Squarepants - Is Squidward Gay?

Pearl is definitely adopted. I don’t remember the exact episode, but Mister Krabs definitely mentions finding her.

There is an Ep where Krabbs dates Ms.Puff (The Driving instructor)

So Krabbs considers himself availible. One way or the other.

No. this isnt a bump.

Then there’s the episode where the rich squid (Squilliam?)shows up, and Squidward tries to tell himself ‘imagine him in his underwear’ to make him seem like everyone else. Of course, when he does this, Squilliam has ripped chiseled abs, and Squidward thinks “Oh no! He’s totally hot!”

Squilliam Fancyson.

Or something like that.

And that fact would have totally passed me by, if someone didn’t point it out.

That was my thinking: Sandy was supposed to be the requisite girl and/or love interest (as much as there can be on, you know, a cartoon for 2-11 year olds).

Spongebob and Patrick’s love is epic, though. :slight_smile:

Heh. I always thought it was someone doing a bad Dauber imitation.

Typical stereotyping,if you’re a squid then you simply MUST be gay,well let me tell you mister not all squids ARE gay,so you can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

They’re not gay, but I’d bet you a dollar that Drake’s gonna do some “experimenting” once he hits college.

Oh, and Squidward? Like others say–not gay, but definitely a prissy sissy. I think he tends toward the asexual side because sex is messy and doing it means that you have to tolerate another person/creature/whatever. (I mean except for masturbation. But I really don’t want to think about Squidward spankin’ it…)

The last time we were in France, I had a lot of fun watching SS in French. I had never seen any episodes of this cartoon before, ever, so I did not know the nature of the various characters. I thought the self-absorbed neighbor was the stereotypical “crabby old man next door” character, but this thread tells me he must have been Squidward.

The French episode I remember most is Patrick and SS excitedly awaiting the arrival of a television in a big box; their object is apparently only the box, as they promptly toss the TV and climb into the box to play. Squidward nabs the TV for himself and then is bewildered by hearing sounds of jet planes, dinosaurs, etc. coming from the box. When he checks out the box, he sees nothing inside but the two guys, who are apparently experts in using their “imaginations.” It’s much funnier in French! As is Popeye, BTW.

Love this show. Favorite episode is Pizza Delivery, and maybe SB129(?).

Squidward isn’t gay. He probably wouldn’t be any happier with a male than a female, he’s all about himself. Spongebob is only gay in the historical meaning of the word gay; happy. And oblivious. Patrick is just dumb, if he acts fruity it’s because he doesn’t know any better.

Now that’s gay!

Okay I’ve been getting into SB series so far, as a kid I thought it was just spongebob who was gay, as an adult ohohohoho I see the world of Bikini Bottom so clearly!! Maybe I’m a little deluded but anyways, I don’t think Squid ward is gay I think he’s just sophisticated and cultured …well tries to be. I think he hasn’t exactly found the right woman (octopus) who is as pretentious as he. Also he’s quite self absorbed so he’s probably not going to see that kinda woman even if she was standing right in front of him.

I would now like to get this off my chest, the one who I think is gay is Spongebob, okay maybe a little bi because in the first season he was trying to impress Sandy but now I think the writers just gave up on that interest and made him full on gay. I wouldn’t say for Patrick, I think SB sees Pat as his best friend and almost like a brother however Ithink hhe’s really into Squidward. Seriously, there is no other character on the show that he harasses more but Squidward. He’s even said ‘I love you’ to him, some episodes kissed him (it’d be on the forehead or nose don’t think the show would allow any lip action). Even when Squidward would tell him to go away he would keep coming back and act like he never heard it. Normally when other characters are mad at him he gets the picture well at some point. Sometimes he does get it with Squidward and takes it to heart. Dude, it sounds like I’m shipping them which I so don’t do wheezes but Come on! He see’s him shower take bathes more than anyone else, he’s even was caught spying on squidward in one episode. Please tell me that I am not the one who sees this! I mean I don’t think squidward is gay at all for SB, I think he sees him as an annoying little brother so I don’t think that ship is gonna go anywhere. finishes writing lemon fanfic


You’re attempting to apply adult logic to a show in which somehow there is not only “water” underwater, but certain main characters don’t know how to swim.


I love when Spongebob and Patrick light a campfire and let it burn for a few minutes before Patrick says “How is that fire burning underwater?” and then it fizzles out and they’re both bummed out with reality.

They’re not gay, they’re just Goofy Goobers, yeah.

Or when they get the party invitation from the obsessed pirate dude and the pen ink is running and Spongebob says “Well whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t understand the physics of being underwater…oh well better throw it in the fire!” and they do it.

Anyone implying any kind of sexuality to a kids show is ridiculous and has deeper issues than the kids show does