Umm is Stewie Griffin from Family Guy gay?

Ok so my friends and me have been wondering is he really is gay or not. There is plenty of evidence to support it, but there are also many episodes where he acts like he is straight.

So Family Guy watching dopers enlighten us is the role model of every evil genius wanna-be out there straight gay or bi?

I thought the show really went downhill when they stopped having Stewie being an evil genius, to just being some foppish gay jerk.

That show ignored continuity like no other. Some episodes he seems destined to be gay, and the others not. They’re all correct.

There was the one episode where Brian say something about the evidence, of Stewies gayness, is mounting.

Stewie was most certainly straight at one time, but then around season 2 - season 3, they started playing with the fact he may be gay. Seth (the creator) has revealed that one of the episodes for the straight-to-dvd release of Family Guy will have an episode where Stewie discovers he’s gay.

Anyways, while I love all 3 seasons of the show, I too preferred Stewie as an evil genius, where he tried to either take over the world or kill Lois. Quality times.

Ok I am gonna hijack my own thread. This is now officially the Stewie appreciation thread. He is young, smart, cunning and wants to enslave man kind. As admirable a person as there ever was, he has my full backing. As far as the gay thing it was just idle curiosity. Just as with David Bowie, Andy Warhol and the guy who played Gandalf the depth of Stewie’s character and his overwhelming coolness render his sexual preferences completely irrelevant.

Now let us all immerse ourselves in the glory of Stewie Griffin :slight_smile:

Strange, I always thought he was Peter Lorre, as played by Noel Coward.

Actually, while I never really enjoyed the show too much, Stewie’s appearances are consistently enjoyable. I particularly enjoy the obscure “I’ll tell you what it means to be ‘cool’” Shatner “Rocket Man” number.

Ah, Family Guy. Damn, I loved that show. I can’t think of a show that so consistantly made me spit food.

I say Stewie is a baby and has about 16 more years to figure out who he likes.

“I wanna drink till I can’t feel feeeeelings.”

for a show like that, its a pretty hard to avoid joke. I mean even if they didn’t plan him to be gay, its not hard to contrive that some writer just watched the old episodes and said “god, he acts like a faggot”

not that thats nice or PC or anything, but when was that show EVER?

OTOH, he did “rise to occasion” whilst being in the girls’ locker room in one episode.

Stewie even clearly lusted after a girl in one episode. Oh well, Family Guy goes wherever it wants too.

and he was picking up chicks ten times his age at Quagmire’s party.

So he’s bi. shrug Problem solved.

Well, you can’t really tell. There are some instances that make you think maybe he is, though. I find it kind of funny, but a friend of mine is flat-out convinced.

Well, you can’t really tell. There are some instances that make you think maybe he is, though. I find it kind of funny, but a friend of mine is flat-out convinced.

In “Peter Griffin: Husband, Father…Brother?” Stewie gets an erection from watching cheerleaders change their clothes in a locker room.

In “Death Is A Bitch” Stewie’s future is shown as a mundane middle-class married (to a woman) life.


Well, there’s the one scene scene where he imagines himself in a gay disco…

Incidentally, could someone explain me the joke where Stewie says something like “I’d throw one of my sexy parties” and then they cut to Stewie in a captain’s uniform chasing some scantly-dressed ladies, pausing to do some dance moves, and then resuming chasing?

isn’t that funny enough on it’s own Kantalooppi? What you described is comedy gold.

Kantalooppi what you a describing is a direct reference to the work of Benny Hill - one of the best people Britain has given the world. And its just like the cartoon shows - silly and flashy and hilarious.

From what I understand it was a recurrent gag on the Benny Hill Show (a British programme also occasionally shown on American television).