Family Guy direct-2-DVD movie: "Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story"

Mmmmm, the more Stewie the better, I say!

($29.98 is just the MSRP, and it’ll be gettable for 15 bucks at amazon or your local wholesale club, right? seriously, here!)

Great use of a throwaway line from an old episode.

Are you maybe misremembering the “Meg’s real father” line from that courtroom scene? Or is there a different line about Stewie’s parentage I’m not recalling?

Damnit! You are right. I was thinking about Meg!

Yeah. During “Emission Impossible” it seemed like at least some of peter’s sperm create evil babies, so Stewie being Peter’s son is not a problem in my eyes.

It’s probably not the “evil” part of “evil genius” that makes Stewie conclude Peter’s not his dad.

Excuse me, but is that Meg On Your Face?

I just hope that they leave Stewie’s sexual preference ambiguous. It’s so much more funny when they play off the fact that he doesn’t really know yet.

And even funnier when they didn’t mention it at all. I miss the old Trying-to-Take-Over-the-World-and-Kill-Lois Stewie.

So you’re a fan of Tom Tucker?

I really thouoght you’d prefer Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa.