Spooky as Heck

A few minutes ago, on my way home from work, I walked out of the subway stop near my house. A homeless man was begging for change - he looked right at me and said “Jennifer, do you have any change for me?”

Um, my real first name is Jennifer. How would this man, who I’ve never seen before in my life, know that? Needless to say, I gave him some damn change.

So, I don’t know where this thread should go - maybe it’s a Very Vaguely Creepy III type thing.

By the way, that was not an invitation for all of you to call me Jennifer.

Did you walk with a friend who maybe said Jennifer to you? Or perhaps you forgot your nametag on? I have done the latter sometimes (haven’t done the first :wink: yet) and it’s very spooky until you find out why people know your first name

No nametag or friend…so we’re back to auditory hallucinations.

Damn. People better stop messing with folks I like.

One thought - this may be the first time you noticed him, but maybe not the first time he’s noticed you?

can you vary your route for a while??? have some one with you??? carry a large, unobtrusive sledge hammer?

Among people my age, 30, there are a lot of Jennifers.

In fact, according to this site: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/NOTES/note139/1997/topten3.html#1970

Jennifer was the top name in the country for 15 years running (70-84).

Maybe he was just playing the odds.

[John Cleese]

It was an inspired guess, I suppose…

[/John Cleese]

Would’ve been more interesting if he called you magdalene, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

:eek: Not you, too! Aaah! ::runs away, screaming::

[sub]Explanation of that: I seem to attract Jennifers. My ex (and also first) GF was (well, is) named Jennifer. And guess what racinchikki’s first name is?[/sub]

Holy shrieking hell, that would have been creepy.

Sue Duhnym, good guess- I’m 27. Wasn’t everyone born in 1974 named Jennifer?

wring - thanks for the concern. He was pretty non-threatening. But I will leave from the other subway exit tomorrow!

Explain THIS, if you can… :slight_smile:

I was the overnight DJ on KKAL-AM in California. One night I started a record (yes, a record - remember those things?) called “Grandma’s Song” by Gail Davies. It opened with a scratchy cassette recording of her grandmother singing some goofy little song, then went into the song about her grandmother. It was a harmless little ditty - until this one night…

After I announced the song, I noticed the request line ringing. I answered the phone and a woman was on the other end of the line saying “Take this record off! I hate this record! Take it off NOW!”

Of course, I told her very politely that I could not do that, it would not be good entertainment value to stop a song in the middle just because a listener does not like the song.

“YOU’LL TAKE IT OFF! I’LL MAKE YOU TAKE IT OFF” was screamed in my ear, then the line went dead.

Yes, I was a little rattled at that point. I turned to select the next song and watched in horror as the needle scratched across the entire album, coming to rest on the paper label and making a horrible noise on the air. I was frozen for a second, then grabbed the first record my hands hit and slapped it on the #2 turntable.

Of course, the program director could not sleep that night and heard the whole thing. The hotline rang, and I had to explain the whole thing - the PD thought I had dropped a few marbles out of my stash, I’m sure.

Just my weird experience from 20 years ago this week! It was something I’ll never forget!

10 bucks say he called every woman he begged from Jennifer. It had to right sooner or later.

Well actually he called me Steve which is another common first name for guys my age.

I was walking down the street (8th Ave in 40’s) and this guy just called my name as I passed. I looked back and he was just grinning at me. I figured he was just messing with my head.

Was this a white guy with silver hair?

Might be the same dude.