Spooning in prison. Why?

On last weeks episode of “Oz”, one of the characters was the recipient of a “spooning”. One guy made him bend over and proceeded to stick a spoon in his butt. The recipient screamed in pain, as to be expected.

Why is “spooning” done? Is it done only in prisons?

Maybe the alternative is a “forking”?

Let me first say that that was possibly the sickest thing I’ve ever seen. Worse than this week’s heel slicings, and the bucket of human waste tossing from last season. Or even when Jaz impaled Kirk with a crucifix.

Also, remember that Oz is possibly the most unrealistic show on TV. I would be suprised if this was really done in real life. If it was, I would think it would be to prove loyalty (Robson had to prove that he meant business, so he got spooned).

I think it was just a normal attempt to take an old respected, romantic term like"spooning" and twist into something sick, violent and perverse.

I watch Oz for moments just like this.

Spooning is when you snuggle with someone, back to front, with your arms around them. Oz isn’t exactly reality.

I’m sure there are a lot of ways to rape someone in prison with the intention of hurting & humiliating them, but let’s not degrade the perfectly healthy & happy practice of spooning.

I spooned with my parents, spoon with kids, and spoon with my friends occasion permitting.

Sorry guys but i have been unfortunate enough to see this with my own 2 eyes in a UK prison and it made me feel physically sick… The guy made the mistake of asking the wrong person for some foil to run his gear on, once you are suspected to be internally carrying drugs, spooning normally follows at least in the UK prisons i have resided in. Without going into too much detail the guy had 2 blokes holding in down and 2 guys with a spoon each digging around in there and the victim crying in pain, he went off to be stitched up after and to add insult to injury i seen him a couple of days later buying his own drugs back off the guys that did this to him a couple of days later.

Now whats this “OZ”???


Oz was an American television show, I believe which aired on HBO. Setting was in an American prison.

Because sporking always seems to make the plastic break.

And chop sticking is singularly unimpressive.

However, there was something about a ladle a while back. . .

Let’s not over-anal-yze this.

This whole topic stinks.

Spoon him? Damn near rectum.

To what degree were they just imitating the TV show where this happened 11 years ago?