Spoons on the front page of Wikipedia!

Or else it’s someone masquerading as @Spoons in the « Did You Know? » section. :grin:

I find it interesting that Discourse’s link preview uses the currently featured article as the thumbnail for Wikipedia’s main page. I wonder if, when the featured article changes in a day or so, will the thumbnail change along with it?

Spoons is really Cajun accordion musician Sheryl Cormier? I did not know that.

I had to look up his profile to figure out what the OP was talking about.

In my reality, it appears that Spoons is a Polish singer/songwriter named Margaret.

I feel that I should respond to this thread, but I have absolutely no idea what to say.

Then use play a song for us.

[and bask in the attention being showered on you}

How about a jazzy rendition of Van Morrison’s “Moondance” on flute? Or, it’s been some time since I sat down at the piano, but I can still make my way around a piano keyboard.

In the meantime, I’m basking! :grinning:

From what I can tell, the following link will eventually hold an archive of this page if you stumble upon this after the Main Page is changed. (Apparently the section in question is changed twice a day.)


Scroll down a little for some creepy rodents from 1833.

Sadly, Margaret has been banished. To be replaced by several interesting people.

Are we in the wrong time zone here? From what I can see, that entry is dated February 24. (ETA: And even so, I had to look in the Archives to see it.)

Note that the time given is 0000 UTC, which is five hours ahead of EST.

And it says that the date/time shown are when the article was removed from the main page, not when it was posted.

Heh, apparently the thumbnail and article preview stays locked to the featured article from that day.

Thanks, Northern Piper. Now, I’m a legend on the SDMB! Or, more likely, a legend in my own mind. Just don’t bust my bubble, okay?

Anybody want to explain this thread?

I’ll try. Spoons plays drum solos.

I could explain it, but then I’d have to kill you.

This :arrow_up_small: is Da Truth. Deal with it, Spoons.

He actually plays many instruments but is renowned in his native Canada for being a virtuoso on the folk instrument of :spoon:s. Has had paid spoons gigs. Check out YouTubes spoons playing-they are amazing, as is SDMB’s very own spoons.

In his spare time he is a esteemed lawyer, quite knowledgeable sports fan and successful staff to several cats.