Spore and the evil inside me

I have to say that I feel sort of chagrined by “Spore.”

The creatures that I have nurtured from a single cell have evolved into truly horrible beings. They look like a combination of a frog, a great white shark, and the creature from the black lagoon.

You really can’t judge a book by the cover, but in this case you can. They are sneaky predators and exclusive meat eaters responsible for the extinction of seven different peaceful herbivore species, some of which were quite unique and delightful.

Upon advancing to the tribal stage I learn that the way to make progress is by interracting with other tribes. The online guide tells me that I can try to impress the tribes with my culture (by dancing or singing or posing) bring them gifts, or I may attack them. Based on the evolutionary path I have guided my creatures on they will be given special abilities to help them in this.

Soon we encountered a culturally unique tribe of fisher/gatherers. They presented my tribe with a gift of fish and performed and elaborate dance to impress my people. From the menu item of unique abilities I was offered two choices, “trap” and “firebomb.”

“Trap” seemed to be the less innapropriate of the two, maybe it would be a funny trick?

Well, it turns out “trap” involves giving a gift of fruit laced with posion to decimate the population. It was really the only choice available to me, sad to say it was underappreciated, and it immediately started a war. With no other choice, I used firebomb, and watch my laughing tribe lay waste to the entire village, killing every man women and child, destroying this valuable and delightful culture, and extinguishing the entire race.

Though they had evolved culturally to use weapons, it did them little good against my tribe’s shark maws and ripping talons, sneak attacks, and predator-like camoflage.

After the slaughter-fire bombing my creatures stole all the food of the extinct village, looted the technology and cultural advances and returned to our home village to engage in a frenzied orgy.

Looking around on the Sporepedia I see that so many other users have produced unique and delightful creatures with all sorts of interesting cultural traits. I didn’t set out to create an amoral scourge of ugliness, but that’s what I did. I feel bad for all those other creatures which we are about to surely destroy.

I can’t help but feel that my inner nature has been revealed through my creations. I kind of feel like I would like to start again and see if I can do better, but I can’t help but want to see what will be the ultimate outcome of these hateful toadlike amoral beings that are…


Hey, it’s not your fault! Talons are no good for playing flutes! Tigers can’t play the bongo, you know. To thine own self be true. I was just happy I allied with a level 250 critter somehow early on.