Sport Stacking Word Championships? Theres sport stacking? Stacking is a sport?

So, sitting at home folding laundry and surfing the televsion I came across this, sport stacking

“Sport stacking is an emerging individual and team sport where participants up stack and down stack 12 specially designed cups (Speed Stacks®) in pre-determined sequences at lightning speed. In addition to being fast and fun, this unique sport promotes hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, focus, concentration, team skills and sportsmanship.”

I stopped folding to watch for a few minutes, and I have to say it was actually intersting. These kids move pretty damn fast. It’s pretty amazing what a person can do with a lot of practice.

That can only mean that championships in underwater basketweaving and tiddlywinks aren’t too far behind.


My son did this a couple years ago. It was a hand-eye coordination exercise in his gym class (elementary school). He was so into it, he wanted to buy a set of these cups.

We bought the cups, and for a while, he played with them and experimented. He was really fast! He started with three cups in a pyramid layout, then began collapsing bigger and bigger pyramid formations.

Then, all of a sudden, he lost interest in it.

We still have several of the cups. I’m always snatching them away from the two-year-old. He wants to fill them up with water from the refrigerator, but the cups have little holes in the bottoms (to make the stacking easier).

I saw something about this a few months back. It’s a bit … odd, but sort of neat in its own way. There are YouTube videos for the interested.

Emily Fox (once the champion stacker, if not now) is a highly regarded shooting guard on the U of Minnesota’s women’s basketball team. Which indicates that stacking does greater than average athletic ability.

I’m not sure if it qualifies as a sport, but it is damned entertaining to watch little kids do.

I was a SportClips getting my hairs cut yesterday. If you don’t know about SportClips, it’s basically a sports-themed barber shop. Huge TV in the lobby, little tvs at the chairs, ESPN or some game on all the time. I was the only patron at the time and there were a couple of spare hair cutting chicks with nothing to do. If I had been in, oh, Finland, this story would have probably gone very differently, but in any event it was still odd.

Right when the chick starts cutting my hair the others get bored of the highlights from the 1982 Raiders/Seahawks game and flip channels to this Sport Stacking. Everything stopped. Except those little kids and their cups. We were all gripped with an odd combination of awe and bemusement–this is a … sport? The hair chicks tried to make light of it and find something else a little more credible. Like maybe badminton or curling. But they kept on giggling about stacking. That is, until I told them in a deadly serious voice that my uncle had beenkilled in an unfortunate stacking accident.

The haircut was on the house. :smiley:

It would have involved ice hockey and heavy metal, most likely.

I saw on TV just the other day some kids playing a game that must be related. They had to stack the cups in the same type of way, while periodically handing them off to the left or right to each other or throwing them across to each other (they were standing around a round table), which continuing to stack and unstack in sychronized rhythm. Kinda like team stacking or exhibition stacking. It was pretty cool to watch.

How about Rock Paper Scissors.

Gentlemen, pray silence for the President of the Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things.

I thank you, gentlemen. The year has been a good one for the Society [hear, hear]. This year our members have put more things on top of other things than ever before. But, I should warn you, this is no time for complacency. No, there are still many things, and I cannot emphasize this too strongly, not on top of other things. I myself, on my way here this evening, saw a thing that was not on top of another thing in any way. [shame!] Shame indeed but we must not allow ourselves to become too despondent. For, we must never forget that if there was not one thing that was not on top of another thing our society would be nothing more than a meaningless body of men that had gathered together for no good purpose. But we flourish. This year our Australasian members and the various organizations affiliated to our Australasian branches put no fewer than twenty-two things on top of other things. [applause] Well done all of you. But there is one cloud on the horizon. In this last year our Staffordshire branch has not succeeded in putting one thing on top of another [shame!]. Therefore I call upon our Staffordshire delegate to explain this weird behaviour.

Well, frankly, we all fell this whole thing to be a bit silly.

Having watched some of the videos linked by Mindfield, I’m no longer remotely inclined to dismiss sport stacking as nonsense. I’d say it’s more a game than a sport, requiring tremendous skill but not much in the way of athletic ability or general physical fitness. Nonetheless, it extraordinarily impressive and entertaining to watch for a minute and a half or so.

This one in particular put my jaw on the floor.