Sports fans paranoia

I’m just wondering is it just me or are the announcers really rooting AGAINST my team?

I’ve been watching sports on TV for quite some time now, and it seems that every time I tune in a nationally televised game the announcers seems to root against me. Granted I’m a fan of the Lions and the Michigan State Spartans, but you’d think that they’d like the Red Wings, but no; they seem to root against them too.

Am I paranoid or does everyone feel this way?

Yes, it’s just you.

Yes, everyone is out to get you.

I have some spare tin foil if you want some :smiley:

Sure YOU’RE just paranoid because YOU are the OTHER MSU!! The one nobody notices.

Now gimme that tin foil, all of my important ideas are being stolen. Never mind…they’re gone now.

So that explains why I saw Jack Buck talking to Vin Scully and Al Michaels about how they would try to get sideline reporters in position to trip Charlie Batch.

I think those announcers are just doing their job, and very well I might add, I root against those teams too.

Brent Musberger is the most Biased announcer around. He usually is against Michigan sports, but almost every game I’ve seen him call, he has a clear favorite.

I see, now you’re all against me!!

Except for Wolfman, he’s a good guy.

Are you implying I’m with you???
I’m a Wolverine, I would never allow myself to be “with” one of you porcine-fornicators in East Lansing.

Not only do the announcers hate your teams, but haven’t you noticed the referees are against you too? I mean, don’t the calls always go against your teams? Phantom offsides and missed interference penalties. Yzerman gets tripped-no call. But when Draper touches somebody…BOOM! Off to the box!

I’ve never had relations with a pig. However I did once kiss a wolverine. I’ve never quite recovered.