Sports Q: So who did Wilt beat?

With the passing of basketball great Wilt Chamberlin, much is said about the game he scored 100 points. I have never heard of any stat being given of who held the record of most points scored in a game before that. I’m sure it wasn’t such a colossal number as Wilt’s, but someone held it once.

Anyone know?

I’m pretty sure he beat his own record, but what that was before he got it, I do not know.

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Actually, Wilt beat the single game record of 71, which was set by Elgin Baylor in November of 1960 against the New York Knicks.

Correcting myself, Wilt did break his own record. He had a 73 point game in between Baylor’s 71-point game and his 100-point game. He also had a 78 point game in a triple overtime game before his 100 point game.

And definitely belaboring the point, Chamberlain scored his 78 in a triple overtime game on Dec. 8, 1961 against the Lakers and scored 73 in regulation on January 13, 1962 against the Chicago Packers (who eventually became the Washington Wizards).