Sports seasons - USA

So, my wife and I are planning a holiday trip to California in late Feb early March next year (2009).

I would love the opportunity to see a game or two of various sports, especially Baseball, Football & Ice Hockey. I have fairly limited success on the official websites of figuring out when the season for these sports run.

I believe Ice Hockey will be in season, but I’m not sure on the footy or the baseball. Can anyone help with whether these sports will be in season at that time of the year. And wher would be the best place to see them if your iteniery will bascially be Los Angeles, San Francisco & Las Vegas. (yes before I get nit picked, I know Las Vegas isn’t in California :stuck_out_tongue: )

Baseball’s regular season is April to September, so you’re out of luck there. (Unless you want to go to exhibition games, many of which are played near Phoenix in March). If you mean football in the NFL sense, their regular season is Sept. to Dec… Ice Hockey is indeed in season, with teams in San Jose, LA, Anaheim (near Disneyland), and Phoenix. No pro teams play in Las Vegas, largely due to gambling concerns.

Baseball won’t be in season (starts the first week of April or last week of March), and football ends the first week in February with the Superbowl.

Hockey is October through June (playoffs are April through June) and basketball is November through June, with the regular season ending in April as well.

Thanks for the quick responses.

Looks like Ice Hockey it is.

You will certainly be able to attend an NHL Hockey game during your visit . The speed will amaze you.

Major league baseball is having spring training during February and March in Peoria, Arizona. Only a couple hours drive from Las Vegas. If you happen to be in LV towards the end of March there are usually a couple MLB games right in town at the very end of spring ball.

The only American football you will find is Arena League.

It is cheap and lots of fun but is really a bastardization of “grid iron”.

I hope you have fun and enjoy your trip.

You can only catch basketball and ockey during your timeframe. Time your trip for September, however, and you can catch our two most interesting sports, football and baseball, for the only times that matter (the beginning and ending of the seasons, respectively)

College baseball will be in season. Many of the smaller California schools field competitive teams. Long Beach State, Fullerton, and UC Irivine in particular.

Games are inexpensive and enjoyable.

Won’t the second World Baseball Classic be going on at that time?

::looks it up::

Well, yes, it will be, but it sounds like you might just miss it. According to this article, the second round of the WBC will be in San Diego in the second week of March, and the semi-finals and finals may be in Los Angeles, but not until probably the end of March.