Spotify Play Device Statistics.....Other?

One of my companies owns the royalty rights to about 400 different songs.

Every few days i go in and peek at the Spotify and Itunes statistics just to kind of gauge what songs are popular right now, if anything got added to playlists, etc.

One piece of statistics have always bothered me, and thats the “Device” statistic which tells you what the listener was using to stream the music, it’s in pie chart form and has the following categories:

Cell Phone
Connected Audio Device
Smart Tv Device
Personal Computer
Gaming Console

I cannot figure out what the other would be, and it actually makes up a significant portion of the data, sometimes upwards of 10%

A friend of mine said it could possibly be something like a smart fridge.

I’ve seen people make DIY Spotify devices (e.g. this one in an old iPod); I guess they would go in that category.

ETA: Do some cars have Spotify functionality in their entertainment systems?

I wonder what “Connected Audio Device” covers?

Personal assistants such as Alexa can play songs from Spotify. My home theatre receiver can also connect to Spotify.

I expect it covers Sonos and probably similar devices, too.

How is this data collected? If its collected automatically it may be that some people use a device that doesn’t have a proper handshake to determine where it fits.

If it is user reported from survey, then people may not be sure where their device fits, or else not care enough to put down the correct answer.