Spots - squeeze or not?

I have always been a squeezer myself, its just so satisfying.

I never understood people who say they don’t squeeze. Strange people…

Spots = Zits?


Rarely get one, but when I do, squeeze all the way.

I’m a big sqeezer. If it looks like it’s a zit, or potential to be a zit, I squeeze. It never ceases to amaze me how the smallest of little bumps can seem to hold a gallon of puss. Rather disgusting, yet intereting at the same time.

I think that people who say they never squeeze zits are not being honest with themselves.

I can’t believe the people who don’t squeeze and leave that huge basketball on their face,Granted, squeezing sometimes makes it worse, but at least you know they tried.

I don’t squeeze. When they get full, I pop them with a sharp needle and drain them. Much more effective than squeezing to get everything out without scarring.

It’s not pus, it’s sebum.
More satisfying to think of it as pus, I know.
it’s not an infection (unless your acne is horrible), it’s just a secretion… like a mollusc and its nacre.

Either squeeze them or, if they’re too deep, pop them with a sterilized pin.

Sterilized pins are also useful for removing ingrown hairs and splinters.