Spotting Star Trek actors in other programs

I believe there was a novel about Spock’s son–not with the Romulan commander, but with Zarabeth, Mariette Hartley’s character from “All Our Yesterdays.”

Quite so: Yesterday's Son | Memory Alpha | Fandom

A physician who very early on studied urine offered to diagnose the King, who brought a sample of a woman’s pee. The Doctor said, “God is about to perform a miracle. The King is pregnant.”

Susan Oliver again, Vina? Vidna? and the green Orion slave girl (who became more and more green as the guys developing the film thought it was a lighting error) in the pilot and The Cage, in the Wagon Train episode, The Emily Rossitter Story. John Dehner, another actor who was all over the place in the 50s and 60s was also in this episode. I don’t believe he was ever in Trek, but he would have been an excellent Harry Mudd.

Her name was Vina. The technician thought the green problem was a flaw in the film, so he used color correction to make the actress look normal.

It wasn’t Susan Oliver in the test film, though. According to Bob Justman (or maybe Herb Solow; I don’t remember), it was actually Majel Barrett. They wanted to see just how green they could paint her and keep it, uhm, “realistic.”

(By way of contrast, Spock ended up yellow instead of red because the latter always looked phoney.)

About the only thing I remember John Dehner in was The Doris Day Show back in the late '60s. He played her boss at the publishing house after the second season or so. (Whether this was before or after McLean Stevenson played her boss, I don’t recall.)

“The Cage” was the original title of the pilot and was changed to “The Menagerie” before it was screened by NBC. It kept that name when it became the first season two-parter, and reverted to it when it was released on video in its original form in the '80s.

I should have said “reverted to ‘The Cage.’” It remains “The Cage” to distinguish it from the two-parter “The Menagerie.”

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but James Cromwell (“Zefram Cochrane” in First Contact) played asshole “Judge Raymond Price” in the Matlock episode “Nowhere to Run.”

I’ll have to give up my Trekker membership card. :frowning:

Cromwell actually had four very different ST roles: James Cromwell | Memory Alpha | Fandom

This man gets to keep his trekker card.

There was even a sequel to that one called “Time for Yesterday”. Sometimes I get annoyed that information is even in my brain.