Sprained Ankle?

I realize this is toeing the line about no medical advice, so if you think it crosses, go ahead and close the thread. I’m not, however, asking about treatment/diagnosis for an existing condition.

About 8 months ago I think I twisted my ankle by stepping on a shoe, then I elevated it a bit and my foot fell asleep. Next, I forgot about it and tried to stand on the foot that was asleep and it went pop. I never went to a doctor about it, since there was no swelling (not even a little) and the pain from walking around went away after a day or so. There was pain from stretching it, but that slowly diminished the more I pushed it, until after about 4 months there was no pain when stretching (unless I tried to stand on the side of my foot on that leg).

Does that sound like it was actually a sprained ankle, or something else?

Sounds like a mild sprain.

understanding ankle sprains

Thanks…quite good info there, better than I was able to find by random googling.