Spring Skiing/Snowboarding?

Not sure if this is a GQ or better served in Cafe Society so mods feel free to move if need be.

I’m dying for that “one more run” on my snowboard and am wondering if there is any good spring skiing/snowboarding to be had mid-April. Colorado? Tahoe? Any suggests Dopers?


A-basin (Summit County CO) will be skiing until June. Personally I prefer CO to Tahoe for spring, but I’m still skiing in NH and will be for a few more weeks. I’m headed up tonight.

Banff is reporting good conditions, as is Marmot Basin, Jasper and Whistler.

Telemark - Why do you prefer CO over Tahoe? I’m asking because I’ve never been to either.


Skican.com is good for deals at Whistler-Blackcomb… Blackcomb, the portion of the resort on the glacier, doesn’t close until June 14.

Of course, there’s always New Zealand. :smiley:

CO is higher terrain, the snow stays as corn rather then turning to mashed potatoes. I also prefer the ski areas in CO, but that’s a bit of a wash. Both regions have good ski areas.