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Has anyone seen this movie? I plan on seeing it this weekend. My sons (19,16, 12 and 12) have expressed an interest in seeing it as well. I have no problem with the two oldest going but am concerned about my two youngest. It is rated “R” for sexuality. That rating can mean many things so I want to find out the specifics on what exactly is in the movie to warrant an “R” rating.

I’ve checked the usual movie review sites and kind not find any specifics. Any help would be appreciated.

Here are all the objectionable scenes I can think of:

A young boy mistreats some small animals by tying stones to them and rereleasing them into the wild.

Some very straghtforward sex, nothing particularly sensual and no on-screen nudity IIRC, but could be considered graphic.

Attempted suicide, nothing graphic.

Successful suicide presented in a positive, honorable way. (Buddhist end-of-life tradition)

Totally antecdotal backstory about a man killing his wife.

Frozen woman. Completely veiled, nothing morbid-looking.

My outsider’s opinion is that if the boys are genuinely interested in seeing this film, they’re probably mature enough to handle it. The sex is probably the biggest deal. There’s nothing very shocking or grotesque about it, and it really is a great movie. YMMV, obviously.

It should be noted that this is specifically shown as bad behavior, and the object lesson that results is quite moving.

No female nudity, but you do see the man’s bare butt thrusting with the women’s legs around him. This is in long shot and is not particularly erotic–more a simple matter-of-fact. Probably 10-15 seconds long, at the most.

The rest are generally adult themes, as itemized, that are appropriate to the story, but no “worse” than your average CSI episode.

The movie still may be rather slow for your average 12-year old. It has a pace one could call meditative; the emphasis is on growth of character and not on incident; and there is very little dialogue, with an emphasis on gorgeous, but sparse, economical visuals.

A magnificent film, IMHO, with plenty to talk to your boys about afterwards.

Thanks so much Archiveguy and karomon! I feel much more comfortable about taking the two youngest to see the film. I am so excited (and I am not a “movie person” at all). The film looks simply wonderful.

Glad to help. I hope you and te boys enjoy the movie. Please come back and tell us what you thought.

So it’s been a month now, siberia? How’d the screening go?

The movie was fabulous! The only downside is that we saw the film at a theater that was built back in the 30’s. Nice theater but the screen was too dark. I definitely want to buy the DVD when it comes out.

My sons were enthralled and full of questions after the movie was over. One question that remains unanswered is about the faux doorways in the temple. What was the point/significance of these doorways?

Overall, a very beautiful and contemplative movie. Five stars in my book. :slight_smile:

the faux doorways are a form of discipline. Even though the monks CAN go around the doors, they choose to go through them. Note that the first time that the teenaged monk goes over to the girl to sleep with her, he goes around the door, rather than through it.

It’s symbolism!