Spring Wipeout (new seasion) 17 March

My son loves this show. But I just saw a young woman get dunked in milk and smacked around by a couple of giant sausages.
It’s a dirty, dirty show. :wink:

To me, the show is worth watching just because of the bad puns and stick animation.

And Jill Wagner, of course.

Was it a few weeks ago that they were comparing the Big Balls to something in Greek mythology.
“And of course, the Big Balls are just around the corner from the Kracken.”
How often do you get to say a line like that on TV?

Jill Wagner: If she makes it I’m going to kiss her on the mouth.

John Henson (high pitched): Oh please! Oh please! Oh please!

I usually wander away from the show when it is time for the Final Round / Wipeout Zone. I want to see people being hit by oversized foam props, with cheesy animation and really stupid commentary. I don’t really care to see them being actually challenged by a serious obstacle course.