Springsteen's 'We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions

Have any of you heard this CD? Springsteen invited some friends over to his farmhouse and recorded a bunch of old folk tunes, and it kicks ass. There were no rehearsals, no high-tech equipment…just a bunch of real musicians jamming.

I picked it up a year ago, and I still can’t get enough of it.

A quote from allmusic.com:

I’ve listened a few times – it’s definitely a toe-tapper, infectious energy. I think if I watch the DVD I’ll be better able to appreciate what they’re doing.

I don’t know diddly about music and how it’s put together. It wasn’t until I saw the episode of Freaks and Geeks where Nick auditioned for a band that I realized how important the drummer is. So even though the technical stuff is lost on me, I agree that The Seeger Sessions is something special. FWIW. :slight_smile:

This is probably one of my most favourite albums of all time, and I’m not even that big of a Springsteen fan. I love the harmonies and the energy - they sound like they’re having a lot of fun. It’s just a treasure.

I absolutely love this album. I’m woefully under-educated when it comes to folk music, so it was a nice exposure to some essential Americana. But mostly I liked the “feel” of the album. That quote from allmusic.com is a pretty good summary of what I like about the album. I think a testament to the band’s connection to the music is that I actually tear up a little every time I hear John Henry. I was familiar with the song, but had never heard all the verses. Something about that simple lyric, “John Henry laid down his hammer and died,” gets me every time.

I actually started a thread here looking for other albums with the same kind of freewheeling sound to it. Nothing yet has struck me the same way that The Seeger Sessions did, but there was some good music to be found.

I forgot to mention how perfect Springsteen’s voice is for these songs.

“He laid down his hammer and he died, yes he died.”

I was in a music store when I first heard the CD; I knew nothing of it previously (though I was very familiar with Springsteen’s stuff). I remember the song: “Oh, Mary Don’t You Weep No More”, and it just grabbed me by the throat. Instant purchase, instant favorite.

Here’s a great behind-the-scenes clip:


And another:

Bruce 2

Yeah, that’s the other one. Really punches me in the gut.

Wow, not sure how I missed this work. Not really a Springsteen fan so much as a Seeger fan. I love roots music and how it worked into rock and roll. I’m going to have to get this one, and won’t even bother to listen before I buy. I just looked at the tracks and went OH yeah! Some good standards there.
Thanks for the notification, MMM!


I grew up listening to all kinds of folk music from my parents, and found the rock & roll along the way.
When I first heard Springsteen, it felt like he was a folk singer with a rock band behind him. This album confirmed that for me
I have my beginning banjo classes play along with Pay me my money down. 2 chords, and a modulation from G to Bb back to G

By the way, If you like this, find some Newgrass Revival to listen to. It’ll melt your ears off of your head!

It gets more of a workout vs. other Bruce in the Word household…

I don’t play this one a lot, but I love Live in Dublin. On there, you get the Seeger songs, plus many of Bruce’s own songs redone in different arrangements with this band. It’s good stuff! :slight_smile:

I bought this about a year or so ago. I like it. I LOVE Pay Me My Money Down. I could do without John Henry (it’s such a stale old song), but Springsteen does inject some raw energy into it. I also am fond of Mary Don’t You Weep No More. I just wish I liked his rendition of Shenadoah–I love that song.