Springtime in NH = loud bikes

:mad: The endless parade of douchebags has begun here in (usually) quiet NH. sigh

You’ve got your cruisers with straight pipes (no muffler/baffles at all) and your sport bikes with aftermarket pipes emitting ear-splitting sounds of a thousands bees wanting to sting your brain.

It’s interesting that as a kid in the 80s and early 90s, I’d hear a lot more sport bikes. Nowadays, it’s mostly wanna-be tough guys on cruisers. I can remember many a night hearing the sport bikes through my open window as they raced along far off roads. It was kind of relaxing in a way; they were so far off that the noise wasn’t annoying, but instead added an exciting white noise to my room. Then there were other times when they raced right by the window, disturbing any and all peace.

These days I hear the cruisers roar past at all hours. What really sucks is going for a walk downtown on a nice evening and having some douche on his cruiser blipping his throttle and emitting an ear-splitting roar that reverberates off the surrounding buildings. I get it. You exist and want to be noticed (parodied so well by South Park).

I don’t understand why it is permitted. I wish a law could be written that would allow ticketing of any bike so loud as to be reasonably determined to be a nuisance to the public.

But no, people say that defining that nuisance is impossible in that testing for decibels is a tricky thing (how close do you monitor it, at what RPMs, etc…). :rolleyes:

One could argue that merely adding an aftermarket pipe would suffice as to determining if a bike was a nuisance. But that wont work because there are some great aftermarket pipes that improve performance without adding significant sound.


I just don’t get it. There are a lot of bikes emitting a lot of sound that are having a detrimental impact to the quality of life in this state. I wish something could be done about it.

PS: I am a rider and have been for many years. None of my bikes are any louder than they were from the factory.

PSS: And loud pipes don’t save lives, proper gear and attention does.

To the best of my knowledge, it is illegal, along with cars that do the same thing and booming car sub woofers. The problem is, you have to have cop there, while they’re doing it who also happens to want to pull them over and write a ticket.

This is from the Concord, NH municipal code. I don’t know what city you’re in, but it’s certainly illegal to race you’re engine there. But again, the problem is finding an officer who actually wants to chase him down and ticket him.

Here’s the link, just search for “noise”.

Thanks for the link.

I don’t understand the selective enforcement of the law.

At the very least, the issue could be a revenue stream for the police. So instead of ticketing speeders, ticket the loud assholes.

This is an issue that really, really pisses me off.

I bought my bike, second-hand, last December. It came with a set of Cobra slip-ons. The noise was something that took awhile to come to grips with. I repacked the baffles, which got rid of the top end raspyness, but was really afraid I was pissing people off and that they were too loud. Turns out, nobody on the block knew I even HAD a bike. Our back yard overlooks one of the main boulevards in town, so we see a LOT of the traffic on the weekends, and it’s really only the grossest violators that stick out.

(and having fired up the motorcycle while the pipes were off during repacking…there’s a BIG difference between open pipes and nearly any muffling.)

I have no point to make, I guess, but know that some of us do worry about it…having heard the stock pipes, though, I really wouldn’t be happy with stock, either.

My rebuttal to “loud pipes save lives”:

  1. Motorcycle riding is inherently less safe than riding in an enclosed car, but

  2. I want to ride anyway. However,

  3. I don’t want to assume the additional risk involved, but would rather lay some of that burden on others, so

  4. I make a lot of noise, disturbing everyone within a quarter-mile of where I’m riding, in order to marginally increase my own safety.

Maybe the fine is smaller. Besides, it’s possible the officer would need a decibel meter or some way to prove they are too loud, where as they already have a way to prove you’re speeding.

And even though this OP is about why people with loud pipes don’t often find themselves getting ticketed and not whether or not they save lives, your post will probably derail the thread.

If you’ve put yourself in a position where someone has to hear you in order for you to be safe - to hear you, and to give a fuck - you’re doing it wrong.

I posted before I saw this. However I’m not sure it’s a hijack as it relates to the OP.

I complained to the police about the loud bikes going past my house in the morning. The police told me they couldn’t do anything about it because most of the loud bikes come that way from the factory.

As a side note, I think loud pipes has little to do with safety. It’s just a way of saying, “Look at me, I make loud noises, 'cause I’m a badass!”

That is patently false. All of the major manufacturers have to make at least cursory compliance to EPA and noise requirements. Now, OCC, West Coast Choppers and other small shops? Not so much.

That said, motorcycles aren’t required to have catalytic converters, and anyone that considers them Eco-friendly haven’t spend 4 minutes near an idling motorcycle in an enclosed area. I suspect they’re Eco-friendly in a per-person standpoint, but that the average car puts out significantly less emissions.
AFA “look at me, I’m a badass” comments, folks completely overlook the fact that it’s FUN. The (properly managed) sound is exciting, the power to weight ratio is great, the maneuverability is an order of magnitude over cars, a larger number of folks ride because it’s enjoyable. You’re real beef is with a small number of riders, in a small number of areas.

Bikes don’t come that way from the factory (but you already knew that). Call the supervisor and work your way up the ladder until you find someone who will listen. It’s a judgment call no doubt, but anyone who can’t recognize loud shouldn’t be a cop.

I never claimed that to be true, I just said that is how the police brushed off the complaint. Their rationale is that they can’t just use a decibel meter and ticket loud bikes, as they can’t be sure they aren’t just stock bikes that were manufactured before stricter noise standards.

I agree that my beef is with a small number of riders.

You can’t justify the obnoxious noise by saying it’s fun. If I think it’s fun to play loud music at 6am, I’m still a prick for doing it.

The officer I spoke to is also chief of police here(I live in a very small town). I suppose I could have gone over his head to the town council, but it’s not in my best interests to make trouble with small town police.

All factory bikes are sold with original equipment that will keep sound below a certain decibel.

Harley-Davidsons come from the factory sounding “normal” and quiet. However, they sell their Scream’n Eagle line of accessories with the statement “For race purposes only, not for use on the street” (or some such). However, they don’t hesitate to sell those “race” parts to someone putting them onto a street bike.

I don’t mind the sound of a performance exhaust on a vehicle (in fact, I love it). What I do hate are the completely unmuffled (or barely muffled) exhausts that a lot of riders use that create audible pain, versus mechanical music.

I really, really wish there were a way to combat all the noise pollution I’ll be dealing with here in NH for the next 5 months.

Off road parts are also categorized that way to reduce the hoops the manufacturer has to jump through to produce a part. Making an emissions part (e.g. Muffler) 50 state (or even 49 state) legal is a VERY expensive process.