Spy Games: Character relationship (**Spoilers**)

So I just saw Spy Games today with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. In the movie Muir works to save Bishop from execution by the Chinese. During the course of the film they sort of poke fun at how many wives Muir has had. But in the end it turns out he was never married. And the one time that Bishop has a relationship Muir interferes to try and destroy the relationship.

So, my theory is this: Muir is more than a mentor, he is in love with Bishop and therefore sabotages his relationship. He then breaks his own rule of not making a personal sacrifice because he cannot stand to see Bishop die. Now of course this is just a theory, and I’m not even sure I believe it myself, could be the lack of sleep. And the relationship could be easily explained as father figure, or mentor, or just Muir is going to retire and wants to finally do something noble. But I think this may be a homoerotic piece masquerading as espionage.

Anybody else see this or is it just me?

Side note: is Robert Redford really looking a million years old or was that just makeup?

Sadly, Robert Redford does indeed look that old. Let this be a lesson to all of you young whippersnappers . . .slather on that sunblock early and often!!! Seriously, I didn’t catch the homoerotic undertones. I felt that Muir was retiring and didn’t want his legacy tainted by having his star pupil murdered. I didn’t think he particularly liked Bishop, but had to end on a high note. Muir also didn’t like the smarmy bureaucrats who were second-guessing him so he decided to beat them at their own game. I realize this is really stretching but that’s how I saw it.

By the way Shibboleth, Robert Redford swore that he would never get a facelift like so many of his peers were. I admire his stance, but those undereye bags of his were so distracting.