Spy Vs Spy, the Movie

There is a rumor of an announcement for Spy Vs. Spy, the movie, showing up friday. Here is a report. This is not the first Spy vs. Spy movie i’ve heard of, try this script review, complete with some rumors of what is going on with the movie. So, Dopers, what do you think? Will a live action Spy vs. Spy be workable? IMHO, it could be, but it won’t the way Hollywood will do it.

The movie sounds pretty stupid, but I noticed on the script review site, there was a picture of the Spy Vs. Spy board game. When I was a wee lad, my firends and I played that game every chance we got. That game kicked ass.

It needs to be done in a semi-serious British style, I say!

I’m guessing it will be as much fun as the Rocky & Bullwinkle movies.

I’ve always thought the way they used to do spy vs spy on mad tv as a cartoon short was the best

The jokes dont provide themselves to any long running story as prohias disliked both sides of cold war intelligence

My question is was the gray female spy his idea or was that someone elses ?

As I dont remeber seeing this until maybe 5 or 10 years ago …

Does mad still have people doing spy vs spy ?

/Bill Murray in Scrooged/

Boy, does THAT suck!

Apparently it was just a rumor. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.