Spy (New Melissa McCarthy movie)

Just got back from seeing this and I have not laughed at a movie that much in the theater in a very long time.

It’s not the usual MelMac movie where “lol I’m fat”, this movie has such funny dialogue in it, and it’s given in such a perfectly funny way, that I was laughing out loud for a good part of this movie.

Everyone should see it as soon as possible. But fair warning: It’s a bit loud and has a couple “jump scare” type things in it (not literal scares but BANG!s), and most of the humor comes from the horrible language, so if you’re a bit sensitive to casual uses of the word motherfucker then it might not be for you.

But goddamn was it hilarious

Does the movie contain the obligatory scene where her character makes out with a character played by Ben Falcone?

Makes out? No.

Interacts with? Naturally

This is apparently quite the surprise hit, which is great to hear. Is Jason Statham funny in it?

Oh yeah. He basically plays a giant parody of himself, and anytime someone is a parody of themselves they are alright with me

Really funny movie and I’m glad to see it do well at the box office. Spy 2 in 2017, mark my words!

I will probably go check it out, though “San Andreas” is first in line.
On a side note something about Melissa McCarthy’s role as a short hair really irks me. Not her real self or any of her other roles but this one with that short, curly hair. I don’t how to explain it, she makes this certain face where her nose is crinkled and her mouth slightly open.

I think at that point, “argh what an ugly woman”. Not funny at all and slightly offensive when her character does that.
There was a commercial of her as that character about a year ago where she wins toilet paper on a “Price is Right” type of show and she is disappointed and makes that face again.


I saw it this weekend and thought it was very good. I loved Jason Statham’s self parody. I also loved the fact that Melissa’s characters were portrayed as very competent, despite some self doubt. And the action scenes she did were hilarious.

I highly recommend it.


It’s hilarious! I loved it, I want to see it again.

I think some people are put off by her last few movies which weren’t as well regarded, but Spy is fantastic. Just as a general comedy, as a somewhat parody of spy movies, and some general critique about how women are treated.

Jason Statham is the best, he steals the movie. Melissa McCarthy is great and undoubtedly the star, but she works well with all the other actors, Statham especially.

I agree, I loved that McCarthy was shown as very good, and that also the other agents were shown as not as perfect as they’d like to seem.

Wife and I saw it and enjoyed it immensely. We don’t always have the same sense of humor but we were both laughing. My sister and her husband were here last week and they wanted to see it, I had no problem paying full price to see it again. We were all laughing up a storm.

McCarthy can definitely carry a movie. Supporting cast is excellent.

One question I have is the scene where Fine is supposedly shot and killed by Rayna. I would have thought he’d be truly dead but he pops up later in the film. Did Rayna really shoot him or was there trickery involved?

They showed him putting his special contact lens on a melon (I think, some kind of fruit anyway), and her shooting the melon. So he wasn’t really shot.