spyware, problem? not problem?

So, I was surfing, hit a site, and my windows defender popped up a warning, so I quarantined it and left the site. I opened the windows defender to delete the spyware and it’s not listed. The history folder shows passwordstealing.net successfully quarantined, but the quarantined folder shows empty. Is it already gone, or is it hiding? I haven’t taken my laptop online since and it seems to be running fine, but I’m concerned.

Follow the steps in this thread to run a thorough scan:

Have a Computer Question? Read this first. Part 10.

I’m sure it’s not a problem. The site itself was “quarantined” and nothing was downloaded from it.

The site and its IP address were likely blocked. Recently, while clicking on Ebay seller’s link to his site, I got some malicious html blocked. I noted it and was going to have CCleaner overwrite it, but my AV had already done it. If you’re still worried you can download and scan with Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and/or Super Anti-Spyware free editions.

Huh, that’s odd. Windows defender on my pc found a worm during it’s nightly scan yesterday/this morning*, and while it lists it as quarantined in the history, it doesn’t appear on the quarantine list page, just like the OP’s example. I’m currently posting from the family computer as I run through the spyware sticky’s steps before I reconnect my own pc, just in case. Is this just a quirk in how Windows Defender works?

*I love the irony that I started a thread a few days back about a hardware problem I’m having, comment in it about how the computer question sticky only addresses spyware problems, and within a day or two later I get spyware. Why yes, I’m having a great new year so far! :mad:

ok, thanks all, I’m sure it’ll clear up ok, it was just a surprise