Spyware removal

I need suggestions for a new spyware removal tool. I use both Adaware and Spybot but have noticed that neither of them have updated in a very long time. Given that I don’t think that the spyware makers are neglecting to update, I am looking for a new free tool.

Spybot needs to be prompted to search for updates. If you’re running a version older than 1.3, then you’ll need to download the whole program. AdAware SE is running 1.06r1 with definitions as recent as 6.21.2005 so you may need to do a bare bones download of that utility, also.

Ah. I will try that. I didn’t think to go beyone checking the web update from the programs themselves.

I’ve been pretty happy with this so far:


but i keep ad-aware updated and handy as a backup.

I have also been using Microsoft AntiSpyware for some 6 months now. I’ve had no spyware problems, and it’s only had to remove 2 things from my computer since the initial cleaning.

It runs in the background with virtually no interference. I can highly recommend it.

(yeah, I know… it’s Microsoft… waddaya gonna do?) :smack:

I’d also recommend Microsoft. It’s autoupdating and protective featers have the others beat.

I too recommend Microsoft Antispyware. The current Beta1 version is free to download and use. I presume there will be a charge for any release version in the future.

I recently encountered a problem with some spyware.

The nice people at www.geekstogo.com recommended Hijack This and some other software. They also talked me thru (specifically, a very nice lady named tampabelle showed me how to remove the never-to-be-sufficiently-darned malware. You download Hijack This, run the scan and post the log, and they tell you “delete this and this”. Very cool.

I hope tampabelle is a Doper, sees this, and I can thank her for her assistance again. Virus writers are bad for free, geekstogo is helpful for free.


The current version of Spybot S&D is 1.4

I’ve been using Counterspy as well as Spyware Doctor. The latter is free, the former isn’t but the free trial removes spyware.