Squashed a bug behind LCD screen - now what?

So I splashed out last year ( £700/$1100) on a 144Hz Acer gaming monitor which has been amazing.

This afternoon however, a small bug crawled across the screen, I instinctively swiped it. However it turns out to have not been ON the screen but BETWEEN the glass/plastic and the LCD.

I now have a squashed bug in the middle of my super expensive monitor.

What now?

Is there a DIY solution to removing the bug? Do I need expert help? Does it have to go back to Acer?

Any help appreciated.


The same thing happened to my very expensive Imac. It’s still there.

It’s possible that there is a protective glass or plastic screen in front of the actual LCD assembly.
You might be able to take the monitor apart and remove the bug remnants.

But, if the critter ended up within the LCD assembly itself, you are probably going to have to live with it.