Squeaky Cheese Curds!

Mr. S just got back from the store with some FRESH cheese curds. He said the guy was just putting them on the shelves. They’re even still a bit warm. I can’t remember the last time I had fresh curds. Squeaky salty goodness!


I really don’t like curds that don’t squeek. If they’re fresh I’ll go through a bag in ten minutes, if not they rot in my fridge.

Man, I love me some squeaky cheese but haven’t had any for quite some time. Squeak one for me. :cool:

Hard to find out here… I’m envious.

So, ya gonna make some poutine? Do they allow that in Wisconsin?

I had never heard of it before but it sounds delicious. It’s not available here that I know of but it should be. Especially at 2am after the bar closes.

Now here’s something I know absolutely nothing about.

I’m having a Laura Ingalls Wilder moment here.

They have cheese in Wisconsin?

Man, eat one for me. We went to Wisconsin to visit relatives when I was 11, and I was introduced to cheese curds. Yum!

I haven’t had them since. :frowning:

Never before have I witnessed such instantaneous intuitive grasp of the existential nature of poutine.

Are you sure you’re not a Canuck?

I thought poutine was French fries drowned in gravy. That just sounds nasty to me. Then again, I prefer butter on my mashers; the only time I have gravy is when my new brother-in-law is making it, because his is de-lish.

Faruiza: Cheese curds are soft light-orange chunks of cheese in varying shapes and sizes, approximately as big as your thumb. They’re an intermediate step in the cheese-making process. When they’re absolutely fresh, they squeak in your mouth when you chew them. This effect lasts only half a day or so, if that, so they have to be absolutely fresh – straight from the cheese factory shop is best. They’re passably edible after that, but nowhere near as good.

Wikipedia page on cheese curds

Oh dear Lord do I miss the squeaky cheese of a good poutine. Yes, they have several lovely artery-clogging concoctions here in the States, but it’s just not the same.

Really, the fries and gravy are merely an enhancing delivery system for the curds.

It can be nasty, if misunderstood. (Frozen fries, gravy-from-a-mix, and sharp cheddar is not poutine.)

It has to be squeaky curds, and the heat from the other ingredients makes them into this amazing soft texture… Mmmmm…

I’m sure, but I do say “hey” a lot.

I love squeaky cheese! I havent had it for years. Our local cheese factory closed down the gift shop, darn it.

have some for me, please. :slight_smile:

I love squeaky cheese! and I’m quite gratified to hear someone else call it that. :slight_smile: I always thought that was one of those names that was unique to my family.

The ProbeFamily loves squeaky cheese, we make an annual pilgrimage to the Tilamook Cheese Factory in Oregon just for the fresh stuff. It doesn’t hurt that we’re usually just up the coast at the Washington State International Kite Festival for a week anyway. We usuall head down the coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, one day at Seaside to wander the shops and one at Tilamook for cheesy goodness. The rest of the time is for kites, unhealthy food and Marshes Free Museum.

Cheese curds, yummy. I used to always stop in Mauston, Wi. whenever I went through to get some. Later I found a dairy outlet store, in Logan, Ut, that also sold them.

Yes! Tillamook is the best. A giant marionberry ice cream cone, and a couple bags of cheese curds to go.

Actually they can be white also - not all cheddar is yellow :slight_smile:

I learned how to make cheese just for the curds :smiley: