Squeeky Magill

Just a quick note, as I am currently suffering from Sleep Deprivation. I want to congratulate Mrs. Magill on the birth of our third child, Squeeky.

The stats:
Gender: Boy (our third - There goes the neighborhood.
Weight: 8 lbs. 12 Oz.
Length: 21 Inches
Head: 15 Inches.

He was born via C-section last Wednesday evening.

Congrats on the little bundle of terror! What…no pictures?

Standard Briston rules apply: No pics, no congratulations. Sorry – I’m very happy for you and your family, but that’s the most you’ll get out of me until we can see the little squeeker.

no congrats for you! One year!

Congrats to the Magills! As a fellow dad of 3 boys myself (6, 3 and newbie) I can only advise you to prepare for lots of toilet seat wiping down. Those young fellers can’t aim for spit.

duplicate post

Way to go, Mr. and Mrs. Magill.

Obviously, the next Metrolina Dopefest will have to be at y’all’s house.

Congratulations. Wishing you a lifetime of joy with your new family. :slight_smile:

Congrats, dad! And yes, take lots of pics. You won’t believe how fast they turn into a stinky sock-wearing, six-foot tower of hormones that can clean a refrigerator out faster than you can cook.:wink: My baby!

Congrats! and welcome to the young squeaker.

I finally made it to the big computer. Here are some pictures.

Congratulations!! I can’t believe how blond he is. I have two blondies, but they both started out with dark hair.

Hiya Squeeky – welcome to the party! Congratulations Maus and all assorted Magills!

That’s a very small child.