Squirrel Melts

Warning: If seeing a squirrel getting shot at and squirming in pain on the ground makes you not a happy person, do not watch this.

Uhm…yeah, no. No thank you. Also, it did not make me a happy person. My boyfriend really needs to disclaimer things on me sometimes. I just…wow. Just wow.

Paula Deen Bonus Video!

Lobster Poached In Butter Served With Shotglass of A Little More Butter!

Because after the Deep-Fried Butter Balls you did not have enough cholesterol with your butter. Nor did you have enough butter with your butter. Now sit down and eat your butter.

[Homer]And don’t forget to butter your bacon![/homer]

The thing is, there’s not much meat on a squirrel. It might be good poached in butter, though.

Her best line was “You don’t want to overdo it with the butter”, though. You’ve sort of passed that point by then.