A Cooking-Based Dare

Link To Recipe

Tonight, somebody make this for dinner, or a snack. Take pictures as you do, give a full review.

If you want bonus points, you must eat some, and then have proof that you took a bite.

For extra credit, make a mayonnaise-based dipping sauce to go with it.

Why would you eat those? Would they be an appetizer, or a side dish (to what?), or …


Well I guess if you don’t want to throw caution to the wind and dig right in, you could put them on top of veggies or something and just let them melt onto it. I suppose.

Though in this case we’re talking straight-up artery-clogging bites. :smiley:

Deep frying is too much work for me, but if someone made them, I’d eat a couple. With ketchup. Kinda like a cream-cheese filled hush puppy with flour instead of cornmeal. Or croquetas. http://www.notesfromspain.com/2007/05/02/croquettas-tapas-of-the-week/

As an appetizer, would go well before open heart surgery. Or as a side dish with angioplasty.

That makes me ill just looking at it. Bleargh.

Not only will I not make this, but I will unleash the velociraptors on anyone who tries to feed it to me. 'Cept Kimster.

I would, too. The idea of eating that much butter in a single bite doesn’t sound that appetizing but being born and raised in the South, I’ve eaten things much more fattening or greasy on countless ocassions.

Amazed they aren’t selling these at the Minnesota State Fair yet.
Preferably on a stick!

Well now you know what to do! Head over and get an application or whatever you need to open up a food booth at the fair. You shall be beloved by many.

As a general rule, the thing deep-fried should not contain more fat than the vessel in which you deep-fry it. You might as well freeze balls of lard, fry them in lard, chill the result, and drink it through a straw.

On the other hand, if you want to fry a pound of bacon, crumble it and mix it along with grated cheddar into your lard-based biscuit dough, and serve those biscuits topped with poached eggs and sausage gravy, go ahead and I hope I’m invited for breakfast: it just goes to show that everybody has their breaking point and it’s the presentation, not the amount, of fat that counts.

You’ll fit in right next to the fried snickers booth. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that the fried butter on a stick thing isn’t already being done. It’s been awhile since I went to a fair.

That sounds real good blended into a syring and injected directly into the heart Pulp Fiction style.

On the other hand if I had a deep fryer I’d try it tommorow except I’d wrap it in bacon.

I have never made a recipe from Paula Dean that was anything less than wonderful tasting.
Nutrition wise those things are a disaster, but I bet they taste great.

And chocolate covered!

Eh, they look and sound just like Tommy Nevins deep fried cream cheese balls without the bacon and green onion. I’ll stick to Nevins’ recipe. served with marinara sauce.

You can’t foul up a package of lipidy perfection like this with something that was once sort of close to being a vegetable. These babies need bleu cheese dressing.

garlic cream sauce.

Another “if someone made them for me, I’d try one.” But that’s too much effort.

Man, is there nothing Paula Deen won’t make out of butter? :slight_smile:

We are talking about the same woman who drizzles her fried chicken in two sticks of butter melted down with brown sugar and pecans, after all.

Please please please tell me you’re kidding :eek:

On a side note, I sometimes find myself enraptured by QVC and the comforting tones of the announcers. Until Paula Dean comes on and I find myself outraged by the prices:

6 pounds of mac and cheese? $48

4.5 pounds of pork ribs? $54

8 pound cooked turkey breast? $65


But those butter/cheese balls look kind of good.