Latest in the Deep-Fried Food category -- Deep Fried Cereal

Not as gross as Deep-Fried Butter, or Deep-Fried Lard, or (my favorite for over-the-top grossness) Deep Fried Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Filled Hot Dogs. But certainly awful enough.

Our daughter MilliCal is deeply health-conscious , but she tried a Deep Fried Twinkie a couple of weks ago. And just yesterday she and a friend got Fried Dough.

Hmm sounds like a dish I love. Google image search “cereal prawns”.

I had a deep-fried rice krispies treat once, years ago. I’m betting these wouldn’t taste as good though, because the crisped-up marshmallow fluff was half the fun.

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It’s Cereal Prawns without the Prawns!
Kinda like Quaid’s “Hamburger Helper without the Hamburger” in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

I’ve made fried chicken with crushed corn flake crusting, but I don’t really think I’d compare it to fried Corn Flaks by themselves.

Sounds kind of pointless. The idea behind deep frying something is to make the insides nice and hot and hopefully melty, gooey, etc.
Make a candy bar warm and melty? Good idea.
Make an oreo warm, soft, and crumbly? Good idea.
Crunchy cereal? What’s the point?

I saw a different blog post about this that featured a photo of the guy’s booth.

It had the sentence “Deep Fried White Castle” on it. I had never wrapped my mouth or my mind around those four words, and I don’t want to wrap my mouth or my mind around them again.

I’d hate to see what the outer limits of deep frying would be.

I really thought we’d reached end game when somebody figured out how to deep-fry a stick of butter.

Has anybody deep fried a marshmellow yet? Or liquid nitrogen?

I saw a vendor selling Deep Fried Kool Aid last year. I didn’t buy or see any, though, so I had a hard time envisioning what that would mean.

There is no limit on how fat people in the USA are ready, willing and able to get; so I suspect fried baby formula is next.

It’s a sphere of batter with a squirt of liquid in the centre. I believe they freeze a ball of Kool-Aid (or butter or what have you), coat it in batter and deep fry it. The batter forms a watertight coating, so the liquid can’t seep out right away.


Actually, I think they just add Kool-Aid powder to the batter and essentially fry cherry flavoured batter.

If you say so. But the deep-fried butter I had was a hollow shell with a little melted butter on the inside.

We had a thread on this last year.

They’ve been making Deep Fried Kool Aid and Deep Fried Beer by mixing the liquid with dry batter, then either coating that with liquid batter and deep frying, or just deep-frying the liquid-moistened batter.

For my money, deep-fried Lard (which I cited last year, and gave webpages) is more “ultimate” than deep-fried butter, although I think the deep-fried bacon-wrapped cheese-stuffed hot dogs are much grosser. YMMV.

Jeez, am I the only one that thinks these guys seriously lack in creativity?

There are still lots of great ideas out there for fried goodness. things that don’t include just any random thing that happens to pop up in one’s mind.

Just the other day, a friend of mine served up some stuffed chicken bites wrapped in bacon. (inside was cream cheese and jalapenos) Deep fried with a panko breading crust. Holy crap they were good!

If I’m gonna die from a heart attack, I’d rather it be from that than ‘deep fried cereal’.

That actually sounds pretty good. And normal.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of them or anything, but it sounds like those corn dogs with cheese in the middle. . plus some bacon. Not terribly out of the realm of American normalcy.

fffffffff now I need a funnel cake sundae, except I’m not driving all the way up to Gurnee and paying to get into Six Flags just for that!

Where else can one get a funnel cake sundae, I wonder?