Deep fried butter

My sister was in the US recently with her family and while there they visited a fair. I will never forget what she told me about that fair. Apparently they were sticking little holding-sticks into bars of butter and then rolling them in some sort of batter. Upon doing this, they then dipped them in oil to get them crispy.
I won’t even go into the health-aspect of this food, but WHY would someone eat BUTTER?! Has anyone here tried?

Are you sure it was butter? I’ve seen them deep fry Snickers and Milky Way bars, bananas, Oreo cookies, ice cream, Twinkees, cheese, and other assorted items, but never just plain sticks of butter.

Sounds about right for the Minnesota State Fair. They take their grease-eating pretty seriously in these parts.

I don’t get any hits entering deep fried butter into Google, but on this page there’s a joke I don’t get about a Food Network show, involving deep fried butter balls.

perhaps these holding sticks were hotdogs, the batter a corn meal and the result a corndog?

on second thought, maybe the butter was bananas. I don’t know you’re sister, but my bs meter is pinging.

No, no I swear this is true…
My sister’s lived in the US for 5-6 years, married an american etc. So youd think she’s well versed on the likes of deepfried snickers, mars, bananas and corndogs etc. She claims it was a stick of butter…
I think they were in Indiana at the time… <== if that helps at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I would think that the buttersticks would be hard to get batter, unless they were chilled prior, and even then, once you dip them in the oil, they’d melt into globs?

Still, I wouldn’t put it past some people to actually TRY this.


(Where the hell is that puking smiley when you need it?)

Well, it’s like deepfrying icecream. You’d think it inconceivable, yet it can be done…
Like you said, I think they’d have to chill the butter sticks prior to deep frying.

Many many people eat ice cream by the bowl full. Butter, not so much. I don;t doubt it can be done, but why?

That sounds to me like a “let’s make the gullible foreigner believe Americans are THAT disgusting” type joke.

Deep fried ice cream is quite delicious; I’ve eaten it at a local Mexican restaurant a lot.

Deep fried sweet butter would be tasty. Butter itself is tasty; that’s why we put it all over bread and mashed taters…

by the pound per serving? I’d like to be your cardiologist. EHll, this has been fodder for Simpsons jokes - Homer wrapping a waffle in butter in Homer the Heretic

sorry fior the double post, but do you eat sweet butter by the bowl full?

I’ve had batter-fried cheese sticks at a state fair, and before it is fried, the cheese looks very much like a stick of butter.

this has to be it.

Look people, if we can put a man on the moon, we can deep-fry butter.

Someone was pulling your sister’s leg. I come from a family with a tragic secret: we’re butter addicts. We won’t marry into margarine families. My mother goes through probably a pound of butter a week, and only through the greatest effort and poverty do I manage to keep my consumption below her levels. I don’t spread butter; I put quarter-inch slices of it on Danishes. I use an entire stick of butter for a one-person recipe of mashed potatos. So if there’s anyone in the world capable of eating a stick of fried butter, it would be me. And the thought makes me slightly nauseated. So, sorry indierock82, but I promise you that your sister is either having her leg pulled, or she’s pulling yours.

Were they the standard quarter-pound packaged sticks? I could see maybe little sweetened and salted one or two ounce portions.

I’m sure she misindentified cheese as butter. I’ve had a lot of European friends come over here and not be able to grasp the concept of some of our cheeses.