Squirrel tries to bury nut into dog's thick coat.

I love the “WTF are you doing?” expression on the dog’s face. That is one mixed up, crazy squirrel.

I love the way the squirrel pats the fur back in place. I can hear him now: “There, that should take care of that one!”

I thought he was going to try to store the other one “under the tail” so to speak.


At least he wasn’t trying to take a nut…

You know what this reminds me of? Kids nowadays have forgotten to play most “Earth-based” games like marbles, topple-the-can, horse shoe tossing, etc. because there’s hardly any exposed earth left.

That squirrel is a true connoiseur. Dog flavoured nuts are the perfect afternoon snack. Followed by cat crisps and pickled hamster shit…

I had a dog that was raised in the city, then moved out to the country. When he was a pup, he learned to bury his bones in the couch, tucked between the cushions. Even after he moved out to the country, with complete and unfettered access to fields, woods, etc etc, when he got a bone, he’d go inside and bury it in the couch. Silly, wonderful dog.


Perhaps he feels this sort of thing:

Am I the only one who thinks the idea of a pet squirrel is weird?


I thought exactly the same thing and wondered if I was the only one perverted enough to think that.

Glad to know there are at least 2 of us.

It wasn’t uncommon in the 18th century. Look at John Singleton Copley’s painting Boy with a Squirrel:

Or in the fifth painting/engraving of Hogarth’s series Marriage a la Mode, the painting-within-a-painting on the wall shows a courtesan with a pet squirrel (not really very visible here, I apologize):

It’s more evident in the engraving:


(I’m told that courtesans liked things like pet squirrels as points of interest, and to distract from their own fading beauty. )

Cute video, and here we have a fox trying to find somewhere to bury her food indoors.


Must be frustrating enough, especially with some jerk with a video-camera following you around and watching where you hide it.